3 Popular Aftermarket Accessories to Pamper Your Navara D40

Ute owners are always into aftermarket parts and accessories. It’s priorities that are different. Some are focused on the vital systems like brakes, wheels and the engine while others want to make the passenger cabin more comfortable.

Off road enthusiasts usually have a long list of 4×4 aftermarket parts which are to be obtained in the long run. So, they go for gear that will protect the chassis, then vehicle recovery gear, extra storage options, thermal and acoustic insulation…etc.

Nissan Navara is a proper 4WD if there ever was one. Yet, you can leave your mark on its generic configuration to make it a perfect fit for your adventures.

3 inch exhaust nissan navara d40
Exhaust System

Some of us are after performance and fuel economy. Second guessing the stock parts that are used to make the exhaust is typical for these blokes. And there are ample reasons to do so.

When the vehicle comes from the factory it’s fitted with crush bent exhaust pipes. These are in stock, they are cheap and relatively easy to make. So, if you want to tweak the exhaust on your Navara, go for tubing that was manufactures using the mandrel bending method. It results in less restrictions within the pipe and it improves your fuel economy.


This 3 inch exhaust nissan navara d40 exhaust system is made from 409 Stainless steel. They are handmade in Australia and they come with a 5 year warranty. As you can imagine, every bit of this system is made to last including the cerachrome dump pipe, the heat resistant enamel, brackets, and flange plates. It has catalytic converter for diesel (200 cell hi flow). Performance wise it will give you a push and power gain.

NISSAN NAVARA D40 2.5L 140KW Series 4 Dual Cab MANUAL 3″

Another 3 inch exhaust system. Built along the aforementioned production standards. The set includes dump pipe with cat, rear and intermediate connecting pipe, tail pipe, nuts, bolts and gaskets.


Exhaust that comes rear of cat. A set with double braided flex joint which allows you to choose your sound: muffler, pipe only, or resonator. Compatible with factory catalytic converter of turbo diesel vehicles. Handcrafted for your ute.


Sorting out the issue of covering the ute tray is also popular. Tradies handling materials and professional equipment usually don’t mind having an open tray. As much as this is generally true many opt for a canopy or similar cover. The fact there are roller lid shutters specifically tailored for Nissan D40 (Navara) doesn’t help either.

These covers can get quite sophisticated. For starters, they have built-in water indicator. It serves to check the status of the drainage systems in the housing box. Then there is the anti-leaf system made to protect the water drains from debris. If you get one that is made from tough materials you will have a sturdy installation surface for roll bars, side handrails or loading bars. They are compatible with both original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket parts.

In terms of withstanding the beating of the elements, your roller lid can handle that too. Look for fire retardant waterproof casing that can resist degradation due to UV rays. Usually the roller is made of vinyl sheet supported by aluminium hinges.

If you want a hard case cover you go for proper canopy, and if you want a semi permanent solution you can get a soft lid. High quality canopies for Nissan Navara are made from ABS plastic and require no drilling for installation. Since they are to act as an alternate cabin you can pick and choose the exact lock system. Canopies can be locked from the inside and fitted with heavy duty steel hinges for long term use. The rear window can be tinted and with defroster, while LED break lights are seamlessly congruent with the original tail lights. On top of this hard case you can add roof rails to extend the storage options.


It goes with the territory. Although it is referred to as a toolbox, you can use this box for any type of load. Hunters use them as a gun case. Tradies add shelves, compartments and drawers to house all their gear. Off road campers treat toolboxes as sturdy outdoor cabinets which can take kitchen supplies, cutlery, clothes and even some professional pieces of equipment.

Again, go for stainless steel case that will keep your possessions dry and dust free. Speaking of which, look into the locking options. If you don’t have a canopy, but you do have a toolbox, chances are sooner or later someone will try their luck in violating your storage. And it goes beyond that too. Look for quality parts – gas struts, hinges, vents, openings – you name it. Each of these design features serve to ensure you that you will get your moneys worth on the long run.

Using a checker non slip plate for the outward surfaces is ubiquitous. Though you can certainly go for a plain sheet of metal if that is your preference. Having a ute tray is a great opportunity to take extra cargo with you. Especially if you are headed for the outback where every little bit counts. You can definitely customize the storage toolbox to your specific needs. Not a lot of other aftermarket parts offer this as an option.

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