5 Best Food Pairings For Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape originated from Burgundy, a region of France. It produces one of the most versatile types of white wine – Chardonnay white wine, which is highly appreciated all over the world. This wine is oftenly used as a cocktail wine, but it goes amazing with food. That is because Chardonnay is a medium-to-full-body white wine that is rich and complex and can be big and buttery in the mouth and even tart and young. Check out these 5 best foods to pair with a Chardonnay white wine.


1. Chablis pairs amazingly with Oysters.

Oysters are the best Chablis pairing. Chablis is grown on Kimmeridgian soil, which is made of clay, limestone and tiny fossilized oyster shells. So that is what explains their good match. This wine can be rich yet precise, and has mouth cleansing acids that combat the richness of the oysters. What you will get is an explosion of sweetly briny flavour.


2. Cool climate Chardonnay pairs amazingly with grilled trout fillets and lemon topping.

Grilled trout fillets with lemon topping is the perfect combination for a cool climate Chardonnay white wine with small touch of oak. You can use examples from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, Oregon, South Africa and Burgundy until you find your favorite one.


3. Light oaked Chardonnay pairs amazingly with stuffed turkey.

Also called Naked Chardonnay, this wine is lightly oaked and does not undergo full fermentation. It is becoming increasing popular due to its rich fruitiness and lack of creamy, nutty and buttery aromas and flavours. All these make Naked Chardonnay ideal for dishes that are light yet intense at the same time. A nice turkey breast with some sausage stuffing is something you need to try with a Naked Chardonnay.


4. Full Blown Chardonnay pairs amazingly with lobster.

There is not much that goes well with rich, buttery Chardonnay. If you like to give a try, then you should choose something rich, intense and buttery to pair with. Lobster with drawn butter is the ideal combination for full blown Chardonnay.


5. White Burgundy pairs amazingly with veal.

It is true that white Burgundy tends to be expensive, but they offer a captivating balance, finesse and complexity that you will like to make a commitment to them from time to time. When it comes to pairing white Burgundy with food, there is a variety of dishes that works brilliantly. But its blend of elegance and power makes it an ideal pair with veal and morel sauce.

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