A Comprehensive Guide to Foil Tape

You know how irritating it is when you tape something together and it just doesn’t stay together? Like what’s up with that? Just when you thought you’d fixed things and you can move on with your life, the lord decides to test you in many ways. Well what if I told you there’s a way around that? Take the all weather-resistant superpower of adhesive tape on the one hand and combine it with the versatility and durability of aluminium, you’ve got yourself a whole new tool – ultra powerful foil tape. It gets the job done in the same way but it’s much more resilient to external factors which means it can withstand various weather conditions.

aluminium-foil-tapeNow I’m well-aware that this isn’t rocket science, it’s been around for ages and it’s done its deed as part of the community. Nowadays, it’s still being used in various areas of human life and for good reason too. Let’s have a quick look at how useful and resourceful foil tape has actually been throughout the years.

What’s the Difference Between Foil Tape and Duct Tape?

Bottom line here is that not all tape is the same. Each type is designed to work in particular circumstances and serve a specific purpose. If by any chance you use the wrong tape in some situations, you might not get the desired results that easily. While duct tape is perhaps the most popular type out there, it’s easily susceptible to heat and leaves a certain amount of residue when removed. Normally you would use it for everyday tasks since it provides incredible strength and flexibility. On the other hand, aluminum foil tape is used practically everywhere because of its heat and moisture resistance as well as it thermal conductivity. All of those are features that your regular duct tape doesn’t have. This is why foil tape is particularly convenient for use in various industries –from manufacture to construction. It won’t break down as easily as duct tape would in similar circumstances.

Where Can You Put Foil Tape?

Basically, it can be used anywhere in temperatures ranging from -30°C to up to an extraordinary 120°C. That’s a pretty big range. Most other types of tape don’t perform all that well in temperatures that are too high or too low.

In short, you can use aluminium foil tape in projects that involve insulation, ventilation as well as air conditioning projects. In this way, the foil will provide an airtight adhesive that’s long-lasting and convenient to use. It reduces the risk of overheating and air leakage which can both cause additional problems if not dealt with properly.

aluminium-foil-tapeBenefits of Using Foil Tape

There are quite a few advantages to having this type of tape as part of your arsenal. We’ll go through just a few in just a sec but it’s all just the tip of the iceberg.

Non-Flammable And Airtight

When exposed to high temperatures and extreme heat, there’s no risk of a fire taking place due to the tape’s heat resistance. It also reflects light very easily which makes it great for rescue jackets and reflectors when you’re in emergency situations.

In addition, you’ll hardly find any air bubbles forming on the surface after you’ve taped your items together. This is great because those bubbles can be the most annoying thing on this planet. This is exactly the kind of tape that will help you get rid of that nuisance.

Waterproof And Corrosion-Resistant

You definitely won’t have to worry about the adhesive becoming weak if it gets exposed to water. It’ll have absolutely no effect on its functionality and you’ll be able to continue using it as per usual.

aluminium-foil-tapeAluminium is resistant to corrosion in itself so it makes sense that the tape has the same properties. This means that it doesn’t weaken or become brittle over time so you’ll be getting a good-quality adhesive all around. You can further prevent corrosion by applying various treatments to the surface to keep it in tip-top shape.

Electricity And Heat Conduction

Due to its thermal and electricity conductive properties, aluminium foil tape is the perfect solution for use in power transmission lines. You can use the tape to protect, cover, insulate and repair any metal surface. Give your heating system, roof or even gutter a professional-style repair without too much of a fuss.

Lightweight And Durable

Because it’s so light, foil tape is used in the manufacture process of a range of products, including fuel-efficient vehicles and plane wings both of which make great use of this feature. It’s quite flexible and easy to apply which makes it the go-to option in mass production.

Norden-Dust-Covers-Online-Store-Aluminium-Foil-TapeEasy to Remove If Necessary

Now this tape won’t remove on its own, unless you want to remove it. Unlike duct tape, it won’t leave any pesky residue which will take up additional time to clean. With the use of the right adhesive remover, you shouldn’t come across any issues when trying to peel off foil tape from the desired area. It doesn’t get any easier than that, does it?

Now you have all the information you need to start using aluminium foil tape with adhesive when doing repairs. It’s a reliable and easy way to patch things up and keep everything running as it should.

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