Accessories That Can Upgrade the Performance & Looks of Your Nissan Navara

So, your Nissan Navara hasn’t operated that great lately. Should you get rid of her altogether and allow a new ute to enter your fleet? Well, don’t just give up on her, yet. Especially not now when there are all this aftermarket accessories you can use to boost her performance and improve her looks.

Having a capacity to tow a load of up to 3000 kg, your Navara probably has already been used as a work horse. Even though you are probably thinking about how to extend her usefulness in this regard there are all sorts of other aspects you can focus on. Or looking at the options to cover the back, that one is a classic as well. Join me as we take a closer look at some of the best ways to upgrade your Navara.

Nissan Navara Exhaust

Exhaust System for Improved Fuel Economy

Conservative driving habits result in modest fuel consumption of around 53 kilometres per gallon. However, when you push harder the numbers go up, and they do that quickly. Particularly if you load her up with a ton of bricks and switch to the four-wheel drive. Driving down a highway and having your Navara perform like a workhorse in muddy terrain will have a different toll on it. It’s as simple as that. Investing in an upgrade of the exhaust system results in a power gain and fuel economy improvements.

To do this, you can buy a high quality aftermarket Navara exhaust system. They make them from stainless steel and they come with a 5-year warranty. This, in itself, speaks of the top-grade product. The package includes: dump pipe, cat assembly, front connecting pipe, muffler assembly, tailpipe assembly, gaskets, nuts and bolts. There is a mandrel-bent tubing that allows no restrictions throughout the length of the system. The dump pipe is cerachrome. The exhaust is painted over with heat resistant enamel, and not just by welds which is usually the case with manufacturers. This kit is easy to assemble and mount. It goes directly to the vehicle, without the need for a hoist. It is the ultimate Nissan Navara exhaust upgrade.

Shark Rooftop Antenna

Shark Rooftop Antenna

One slick way to improve the looks of your Navara is to replace the rear roof antenna. This piece can get in the way of your everyday movement, and it surely stands out in the overall silhouette. You can replace it with a rooftop antenna, also called a shark, because of the similarity with the fins of this sea creature.

These are helical coil antennas that connect directly to your antenna base with a simple screw. They are easy to install with no modifications whatsoever. The finish on the shark antennas is with high-quality OEM paint, so no worries, it will have the same colour your whole van has. It is not big: 18 cm x 9 cm and will get you both AM and FM radio.

Just make sure that it will fit on your vehicle before you buy one. There are two points you should look out for: the size of your vehicle’s base and if the base is curved or flat. Once you double-check these two specs, you are good to go.

Accentuate The Curves

If looks are what you’re after then look no further. You can make those lines on your Navara shine like never before. And with a few simple steps. The makeover comes in the form of new entry guards, rear styling corner and rear light finisher. They come in aluminium, stainless steel or chrome. Maybe it doesn’t sound like much, but you won’t know until you try it.

Add Functions to the Bed of Your Ute

If you own a Navara, then you probably use the back of your ute on a regular basis. And there are no rules for it – you can carry logs, bricks and cement mixer back there, or you use it to carry sophisticated tech that simply doesn’t fit in any vehicle. Regardless, there are several ways to get multiple functions of the bed.

One of them is to install a permanent or removable ute toolbox. It is practically a bed accessory, in which you can store hand tools and power tools, and still have the rest of the ute bed to load other stuff. This has become an advanced game now, you can even have drawers specifically made for your 4WD from materials graded for outdoor use.

You can add a sliding tray, bed liner, a retractable rear step, or simply a bed divider. Whatever the choice it will add functionality to the rear of your Navara.

Navara Load Covers

Navara Load Covers

There are a lot of options when it comes to covers for the back of the ute. They come in range, from soft tonneau covers, to roll covers that are made from chrome, aluminium or plastic. It is quite straightforward to think of ways to cover your Navara. What we would like to inspire you to consider is to go for a cover that can serve another function on top of that (pun intended). Many of these covers double as load carriers. Their load capacity depends on the materials used to make it, but they can take a lot. You can mount a load carrier (similar to a roof rack) that can take sporting equipment with ease. Bicycle carrier can be mounted to a rear tow bar as well. These are but some of the ways you can carry a load on top of your cover.

Hard Top Navara

Fitting your Navara with a hard top takes things into a completely different perspective. The basic modalities have a rear door with central lock and stop lamp. If you go for a premium version, you will get opening side windows, interior lighting and interior lining. You can start to imagine the alternative ways you can use the ute if it has a hardtop.

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