What Are Adhesive Removers and What Are the Different Types?

adhesive removal

Adhesive removers are chemical products made specifically for removing films and residues that are too thick or sticky to peel of manually. It works in a way that soaks the residue transforming it into a paste or liquid from making it easy to be scraped or wiped off the surface. There are different adhesive removers available designed for specific tasks which depend on their formula. So one type of remover may work better than others depending on the type of the surface and the type of residue you want to remove.

sticker removal

These cleaning products can be used to clean different messes like tape residue, sticker and label adhesives, glue, gum, silicone adhesives and more. No matter which type of adhesive remover you choose, the steps for using it are usually the same but still make sure you check the label instructions before use. First, test the product on a small, hidden area. Let the remover sit for a while and then rub the place. If the remover is right for your job, then you can use it safely. As we mentioned above, there are different adhesive removers made with a different formula. This makes them good for one job or another. So take a look at the different types of adhesive removers and find the right one for your needs.

Solvent-based removers

De Solv it adhesive remover is one of the most popular solvent-based removers available on the market. It is also the most effective one for cleaning particularly stubborn messes because it is much stronger the other types of removers. Compared to other solvent-based removals, De Solv it adhesive remover is non-flammable which means it is a quite safe product to use. It has no overwhelming vapours and does not require for additional protective clothing expect safety glasses and gloves. If you need to use this remover on a small surface then make sure you diluted it with water. Having one in your home means you will always have your answer for many dewaxing, degreasing and adhesive removal tasks. Also, it is versatile solvent-based removal that can be used on many different surfaces including wood, tile, glass, metal, carpets, fabric/clothing and many types of plastics.

Soy-based removers

If you are more into environmentally-friendly products then consider soy-based remover. It is another effective solution that contains around 60% soybean oil and 40% water. Because its formula does not contain chemicals like xylene so it usually needs to stay on the area much longer so it can effectively lift off the residue. This type of adhesive removers work well in various sticky substances and adhesives and what is best for them is that once you use the remover it is very easy to rinse it away with water.

Citrus-based removers

If you are an eco-minded person, the citrus-based remover is an ideal solution for you. These removers are made with 20% chemicals like sulfur, chloride and propane and even 80% extract from citrus fruit. They are available in pray or paste form and work great for most of the substances that usually adhesive removers can clean up and also they can be your perfect solution for the grime and mildew in your bathtub or shower. These adhesive removers feature mild, pleasant scent making them a good option for people who are more sensitive to odours.

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