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Advantages and Disadvantages of Central Locking Systems

Central locking systems became a thing back in the 50s, and they allow the driver to lock all of their car’s doors by using a single switch. Most modern cars even include things like the rear doors and even the fuel locking cap in their central locking system, and many modern cars even feature remote units. With that said, central locking systems are automotive electrical parts that add extra convenience and safety to your vehicle.

Modern central locking systems are versatile automotive electrical parts. They can be activated using a specific radio frequency by simply pressing the remote button that comes with them. You can lock and unlock your car from several metres away, and your hazard lights will “blink” once or twice to confirm your vehicle is indeed locked. The specific radio frequency that central locking systems use means that it’s extremely hard to break into your vehicle.

There are two types of central locking systems – conventional and selective central locking systems. Selective central locking systems give you the ability to control each car door and the boot individually. You can open the boot, the passager’s side door, or the driver’s side door selectively, which adds an extra layer of convenience. Further, some central locking systems can automatically lock all of your doors once ignition starts, in order to ensure no door accidentally opens while you’re driving.

The newest central locking system models can unlock your car’s doors even when the fob is within a certain distance of the lock. This means that you won’t even have to push a button to unlock your doors. Some systems have safety features like a panic button that triggers your alarm if you ever feel threatened in order to draw attention to yourself, or they can unlock your doors automatically in case of an accident.

However, as you may imagine, central locking makes it easier to forget your keys inside the car. With old, traditional locking, there was always the chance that one of your doors was unlocked. Some central locking systems will only trigger if the key is out of the ignition, but that’s no good if you leave the key on the seat. Other central locking systems don’t trigger unless the door is locked with the key itself. And there are also central locking systems that will beep at you briefly to let you know that you’ve left the keys in the ignition.

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