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Air-drying Clothes with Clotheslines: What are the Benefits?

air drying clothes


Doing the laundry has got to be one of the most basic of chores we all get to do regularly. If you’re not too happy when it’s laundry day, you might find it infinitely easier to just grab it from the washing machine and toss it right into a dryer – well, I hate to break it to you but you’d be doing yourself, your clothes and the planet a favour by air-drying instead.

Sure, the dryer speeds up the drying process, and you wouldn’t have to trouble yourself with hanging each and every clothing item on the clothesline however there are many benefits that would convince you as to why letting nature do its job is actually a great idea.

Clotheslines in Abundance

First of all, there isn’t a one size fits all, which is why you’d come across a wide range of clotheslines that differ not only in the model and materials they’re made of, such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium, but the size, colour, and features too.

  • If you’re looking for the best outdoor design, the umbrella clothes dryer is ideal because it offers plenty of space for air-drying, and it can be easily removed from the ground socket, folded up and stored when you need some yard space.
  • For those who prefer an iconic and fixed design typical for the Australian backyards, the clothes hoists are a great choice – they can be lowered and raised to your advantage with a winding mechanism.
  • For more flexibility, you might find the portable dryer more convenient as you can put it up when and where you need it, then fold it up and store it away – no installation required. You can take it with you even when you change homes.
  • In case you’d like to save up as much floor space as possible, this especially goes for those who live in smaller homes and want to make the most of vertical space, that’s what the wall-mounted or post-mounted fold down, collapsible and retractable clotheslines are for. Best of all is you can either install them indoors or outdoors – it’s your call.

I know, the thought of air-drying outside, exposing the clothes to the weather elements may not be that high on everyone’s list out of fear of damage, yet with the help of accessories like specialized covers you won’t have to worry about sun or rain. Besides, this option is considerably cheaper both initially and in the long run than when you invest in a dryer.

A Chance to Go Green

Minding our choices and habits pays off a great deal since it allows us to turn our lifestyles more sustainable. When you pay attention to laundry and choose to air-dry with a rotary clothesline, or any other that most suits your home and needs that doesn’t work on energy, instead of a dryer you cut down on your carbon footprint and conserve energy. Not to mention, you’d also be able to cut down on your expenses.

Benefit the Sun

Did you know the sun is ideal for killing germs on your clothes? Thanks to the ultraviolet rays, it destroys any bacteria that might be on your laundry, while protecting it from rolling and stretching as well, exactly what the dryer does – no fears of having anything damaged or shrunk.

Sure, it might take longer for your clothes to be dry, but fact is with air-drying you can also count on fresher and cleaner smell given that the sun also acts as a natural deodorizer so you won’t require chemical fresheners; this along with a natural bleacher for the white sheets and clothes. Still, if you want to protect your other clothes from colour fade, it’s as simple as covering up the umbrella clothes dryer with a specialized cover.

No Fire Hazard

Practical as the dryer may be, not everyone gets in the habit of its regular cleaning and maintenance and when you don’t do so you risk the danger of exposing yourself and your home to a fire.

When the filter and vent system lack regular cleaning there’s a build-up of lint (especially from natural fibres like wool and cotton) and other materials which makes the dryer operate at higher and dangerous temperatures which could easily lead to overheating. Luckily, with the rotary clotheslines you won’t have to worry about either the maintenance or the fire!

Improve Home Living

The dryness at home during winter days can badly affect one’s health because of leading to dry nasal passages which are the pathway for cold and flu viruses. With the help of air-drying laundry at home, you’d easily improve your indoor air humidity. And oh, if you tend to lead a rather sedentary lifestyle, hanging clothes on the clotheslines is a kind of exercise and would come in handy with helping you stay active and burn some calories while also staying productive.

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