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Benefits of Aftermarket Performance Chips and How They Work

Every modern vehicle is equipped with a computer that controls all of its functions, from ignition time, gauge calibration to air/fuel ratio and gear shifts. This computer is programmed at the factory and its purpose is to accommodate everyday drivers, who are mostly focused on convenience and not power. However, people who are focused on power and want to maximise their vehicle’s performance, whether for racing, towing or any other reason, can greatly benefit off of an aftermarket performance power chip.

There are many different types of performance chips, all of which can benefit your vehicle in one or multiple ways. Generally, an aftermarket performance power chip allows you to adjust how your vehicle performs, and some of the ways it does that is by altering your vehicle’s air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, speed limiter and more. Let’s get into more detail.

Air/Fuel Ratio

In case you don’t know how your engine produces power, it’s by creating small, controlled explosions in the cylinders in a process known as combustion. This process relies on an igniting element, such as spark plugs, and a carefully-balanced combination of oxygen and fuel. Your on-board computer is what dictates how much gas is sent from the fuel injectors to the cylinders, thus determining your air to fuel ratio. However, most vehicles’ factory settings aren’t tuned for maximum power, so you aren’t getting the most power out of each piston cycle. Aftermarket performance chips fine-tune your fuel and oxygen mixture rates to draw the most possible energy out of your cylinders.

Ignition Timing

The combustion happening inside your engine, besides depending on your fuel/air mix ratio, is also highly dependent on timing. In other words, when fuel gets sparked at an optimal time it will generate a more powerful explosion, thus producing more power. Changing the spark timing by even a fraction of a second will make your vehicle lose a lot of power. Aftermarket performance chips adjust your ignition timing so that combustion is maximised, which results in your engine’s power and efficiency being improved.

Speed Limiter

Your vehicle’s stock chip is designed to protect your vehicle from damage. All tyres are rated to operate up to certain speeds safely. However, if you upgrade to high-performance tyres, your vehicle’s stock speed limiter can rob your vehicle from extra potential power. An aftermarket performance chip allows you to re-adjust the speed limit so that you can take full advantage of your high-speed tyres.

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