Best bathroom Flooring options: Which Is Best for You?

Are you standing in front of a major bathroom renovation and you are you looking for the best bathroom flooring option; bathroom tiles that are stylish, easy to clean and most of all practical to use?
If your answer is yes, then allow me to take you for a ride through the wide range of bathroom floor tiles Australian online sites offer.

The number of available materials is endless, but ones that come first to my mind are ceramic tiles, porcelain, plastic laminate, cork tiles, and of course, vinyl flooring, whose popularity is rapidly growing over the past decade.

That is the main reason why I put it as the number one option on my list:

Vinyl tiles, the most practical flooring for your master bathroom

This material has a high degree of practicality and it’s very easy to maintain. It is water resistant and is well situated for every bathroom, starting from the master bathroom to the powder room. If you decide to purchase vinyl tiles, you can benefit from its durability, comfort underneath your feet, and its safety. This type of bathroom flooring comes in many different colours, from retro vinyl flooring designs, pebble grey, lemon yellow, petrol blue to apple green and many other eye-catchy colours that can match great with the rest of your bathroom items and essentials. One more thing to keep in mind, if you decide to opt for vinyl tiles, you’ll also benefit from its low cost and easy installation.

Retro vinyl flooring designs

Astonishing look, choose ceramic or porcelain tiles!

These tiles come in many different colours and patterns. You can purchase your favourite design due to the other bathroom furniture items and their style. Ceramic tiles score high when the maintenance issue is raised up, but on the other hand, they are difficult to install and do not offer the same comfort and pleasure when walking barefoot in your bathroom. Because ceramic and porcelain tiles are protected with a high-grade glaze they will resist scratches and other accidental damages (if occur).

Plastic laminate tiles

Another option you should consider installing in your bathroom. The material of these tiles is similar to the one we use to cover our kitchen countertops. If you decide to install this option you won’t need to worry about your floor and its height because they don’t raise it up. They are durable, very easy to clean and give a comfort underneath the feet. One thing that makes plastic laminate tiles like a con is the moisture. Standing water can make major damages causing tiles to expand and buckle. Even though, they can make your bathroom stylish, think twice before you fill your buying cart.

Cork tiles

..come in a vast range of colours and at the same time is warm to the touch. You do not need to use an extra effort while installing it, the only thing you need is a troweled-on-adhesive and the necessary tools.

Cork tiles

The list goes on and on, but if my opinion means anything to you, then without a doubt, purchase a retro vinyl flooring or other matching colours that will give you and your family comfort underneath the feet and an attractive look to your bathroom in the upcoming years.

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