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Best Food to Serve with Pinot Gris Wine

The Pinot grape is something of a chameleon because of the color variety that can be found in it. Pinot Girs is a mutation of the Pinot Noir and can be found worldwide in a number of different expressions from velvety to crisp, from sweet to dry etc. It is a refreshing, classic summer wine, fruity, crisp and wine you should definitely keep in stock, especially during the summer days. Pinot Gris is easy-drinking white wine that pairs well with different foods and everything that comes nearly from the sea. When it comes to Pinot Gris wine it is important to know what you are buying because each style of this white wine opens a whole new variety of food paring roadblocks and ideas. Here are 5 great things you can eat with Pinot Gris wine.


1.Melon And Ham – In a summer warm day, take a piece of melon and wrap it with prosciutto. Then you can serve it with a cool glass of Pinot Gris wine. With this combination you will get the salty from the ham, the sweet from the melon and the crisp acidity from this delicious white wine.

2.Lobster Rolls – Okay, we all know that the lobster rolls are quite expensive but to be honest they are worth the cost from time to time. When you combine a lobster meat with a little salt and mayonnaise and put that on a buttered, toasted roll, something tasty happens. When you pair this food with glass of Pinot Gris wine, you can taste something wonderful.

3.Artichoke Dip – Step aside, dip and chips, there is a competitor in the running for best snack before meal and that is lemon artichoke dip. Warm, tangy and creamy, it’s so good slathered on piece of baguette. Pinot Gris complements the lemon flavors and garlic.

4.Sushi – Cold sushi, warm sushi, sashimi, hand rolls, nigiri… Pinot Gris wine works with all of them. With vegetables, rice and fresh fish, you do not want to drink anything else that will overwhelm the flavors which is why Pinot Gris works so well. It is refreshing combination with the perfect balance of fruitiness and dryness.

5.Summer Soups – Winter, white fall soups are hearty and goes with bold red wines while summer soups are all about being cool and fresh. Tomato basil, corn chowder, chilled cucumber all come to mind. You are probably wondering what all these soups have in common? A need for a delicate, light wine such as Pinot Gris.

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