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Best Warehouse Storage Racks

The importance of warehouse storage racks is especially visible in large warehouses that are in need for effective storing solutions. Instead of just placing the products you use one on top of the other, and creating a mess you can not clean, rely on space saving warehouse racking solutions available online. You will be able to find various types of warehouse storage racks, that will suit both your budget and personal needs. Once you decide that you have need of that kind warehouse racking solution, make sure you measure the place you want to place this product and keep in mind the purpose for which you use this storing solution. Thus if you need to store heavy duty material, you better choose a warehouse storage racks that are able to hold and handle that kind of weight. Where as if you need it for light weight boxes, then you should go with smaller shelving solution. Here are some of the warehouse storage racks popular on the market these days.

8m Shelving System – One of the ideal warehouse racking solutions for your warehouse is this 8m long span shelving that is able to hold load up to 3200 kg. This model features metal shelves with adjustable shelf height, so you can set the shelve according to your needs. Made of heavy duty metal, in order to resist all kinds of accidents and stay in good shape for very long time.

12m Shelving Solution – If you are looking for a warehouse storage racks, that will be able to resist load of 4800 kg, then go with this 12 m shelving solution. Made of heavy duty material, ideal for permanent fixture or self standing unit. This warehouse racking model features the ability to be extended to any lengths in multiple of 2.0 m.

18m Shelving System – Another warehouse racking solution, popular these days is this 18m shelving model. Ideal for holding up to 7200 kg and suitable for larger warehouse space. If you aimed for a hard-wearing storage, that can carry large weight loads, then this warehouse racking model is perfect for you. Featuring adjustable shelf heights and extendable lengths, that can be set according to your personal demands.

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