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Beyond Tasty and Photogenic: Reasons Why We Love Drinking Organic Rose Wines

rose wine

Rose wines are the perfect drink for all year-round. From summer barbecues to fall dinners and spring picnics, so there is not surprising why there are so many rose fans around the world. There is a rose wine out there for everyone, with both sweet and dry varieties available. Just like white and red wines, rose is made from grapes but includes both white and red grapes and this is actually how it receives its colour. There are plenty of good rose wines on the market, but organic ones lead the list. Why? Because there is no GMO in organic wines, no synthetic additives, no added sulfites, they contain less sugar, lower alcohol content and support sustainable organic farming and production methods.

Also, organic rose wines are made from organic grapes which are not sprayed with harmful chemicals and as a result of all this, these wines are a more natural and cleaner product to consume. Aside from all these good things, organic rose wines offer a range of health benefits as well.

A little bit of alcohol is good for your body

girl drinking rose wine

Many of you know know that moderate alcohol consumption is closely related to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. The level of alcohol found in rose wines raises good cholesterol and thins the blood and it may even help to reduce the risk of heart disease, a stroke or heart attack. People who have these risk factors derive the greatest benefit of moderate alcohol consumption. So, because a rose is known for having lower alcohol content than both, red and white, it’s a perfect choice for these group of people including older adults.

Rose can lower down the bad cholesterol

Organic wines come with a number of great compounds with potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. For example, polyphenols in rose might help to lower bad cholesterol in your body while potassium is good for lowering blood pressure. On the other hand, there are anti-inflammatory qualities that help to reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Keep in mind, all this applies for moderate alcohol consumption. High levels of alcohol, on the other hand, will negate these benefits.

A glass of good, organic rose wine is a perfect option for people who want to lose weight

pouring organic rose wine

Even if you are on a special diet or you are a calorie-wise person who tries to maintain its perfect bodyweight you can still enjoy a glass of good rose. This wine is known for its relatively low-calorie level making it a diet-friendly choice. A glass of 150ml rose contains about 82 calories which makes these wines one of the lowest-calorie alcoholic drink available. Moreover, this is an ideal summer and spring wine that goes perfect with chicken, pasta or even grill.

Rose wine has more resveratrol than white wine

The biggest benefit of wine comes from antioxidants which actually are contained in the skin of the grape, specifically resveratrol. This compound reduces the risk of heart disease, provide anti-ageing activity and protects the brain. Red wines have the highest level of this beneficial antioxidant but rose to contain more than white and less than red. There are some rose wines that contain a mix of white and red wines which leads to high resveratrol levels.

It’s more likely to be gluten-free

Wines contain about 70 different additives including non-ambient yeasts, sugars, pesticide residue and more. Winemakers use different methods to filter their wine, including animal products like egg whites, milk products, gelatin and even fish bladders. On the other hand, organic wines, white, red or rose are more likely to be gluten-free or vegan because winemakers use more vegan-friendly methods.

organic rose wine

Last but not least, it tastes delicious and this counts as a benefit, right? Rose is made from the same grape which is added in some of the most expensive wines like Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc. This means that this wine doesn’t miss any of the main characteristics of the great, expensive red wines. The teste of Rose is a perfect blend of watermelon, citrus flavours and fruity flavours including hints of cherries, strawberries, nuances and raspberries. It is a great wine at a great price. Rose is usually cheaper than most white and red wines. This means you can enjoy a glass of great crisp and refreshing flavour at a price you can afford. This makes rose a good choice for any budget and occasion.

Out of all alcoholic beverages, you can find available, wines can really bring a different feeling to your nose. Rose is definitely one of the most versatile varieties because it can stand in any season giving an incredible taste to the palate. It can easily be paired with any kind of food but the best goes with grilled chicken or pasta. They offer a well-balanced taste inside your mouth while bringing all that great health benefits. So pour yourself a glass of rose and enjoy its beautiful taste. But, remember, as with all good things moderations is a key.

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