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A Buyer’s Guide to Lights For Bikes

lights For Bikes

Want to be able to catch your bike and ride it whenever you want regardless of the time of the day and weather conditions you have outside? For that, it is important that you have the right equipment installed on your bike to allow you to ride your bike anytime you feel like.

To be able to use your bike during the hours of darkness, you must have lights for bikes installed both at the front and on the back of your bike. Having the right lights installed in your bike not only will help you see the road clearly but will also help other vehicles to see you, hence avoiding hazards and preventing accidents. Although many consider lights for bikes important only for use during the hours of darkness, using these lights during the day is just as important as it is at night.

Lights for bikes come in a bunch of options, which make choosing the best one a bit confusing. Below we will show you how to compare different lights for bikes and get the perfect one for your bike.


This is one of the most important features to keep in mind when selecting the right light for your bike. The brighter the light, the better the chances for you to be seen. When selecting a bike light, check its brightness from different angles. Most LEDs provide a very narrow, focused beam, which requires you to position the light carefully on your bike. If you are planning to ride in well-lit areas, select a light that you can adjust to dim.


Take a look at the side of the light to find out if you can still see the lit component. The lamp will help you illuminate the road and will make you visible for a vehicle approaching you from either the left or right side.

Battery Power

Taking the cost of batteries into consideration, it is important to keep in mind how long your light will last. A high quality light gives you the option of a flashing or continuous light. Flashing lights use up less battery and stand out more. There are also batteries made with built-in lithium, which means they have a much bigger capacity than traditional alkaline batteries.

Light Beam

High-quality bike lights usually feature precision lens that can change the emission of light by focusing and dispersing it. When the beam is focused into a single spot, it will illuminate much further while dispersing the light across a wider angle will make you visible to the other vehicles on both sides.

LED Bulbs

These are an energy-efficient option with abilities to stay brighter for a longer period of time with a single battery charger.

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