How to Choose the Perfect Camping Sleeping Bag for Your Kid

Going camping with your whole family is a fun experience of a lifetime, especially if there are kids involved. In order to make the camping trip successful, all the members should be well rested during the night so they can be full of energy the next day. Therefore, a great night sleep in a comfortable sleeping bag is of essential importance. In order to have happy and relaxed children eager to engage in the activities, you need to provide them with a sleeping bag which will bring the comfort of their home bed into the tent. Thus, there are several things you should consider when buying the perfect sleeping bag for kids.

Temperature Rating

One of the most important factors when choosing sleeping bags for kids is its temperature rating. It identifies the lowest temperature at which a bag is intended to keep the one sleeping in it warm. For example, if it is a -1°C bag, it means that the sleeper will remain comfortable if the air temperature drops no lower than -1°C. However, the ratings depend on the manufacturer, so you should keep in mind that the categories shown here are for guideline purposes. Thus, there are three categories of sleeping bags: Summer Season which includes bags for +10°C and higher, 3-season for 0 to 10 °C, and winter for -5°C and lower. A simple rule of thumb is to choose a sleeping bag with a temperature rating a bit lower than the lowest temperature you expect to encounter.

Shapes and Sizes

There are different shapes and sizes of sleeping bags for kids and the decision comes down to your preferences. It can’t be said that one of them is the best because all of them offer different features. So, you can choose the rectangular type which is designed for warm, mild weather and is often the cheapest choice. This type provides maximum unrestricted movement, so it is suitable for kids who move a lot during sleep.

The mummy type are a very popular choice because they are lightweight and have superior insulation properties. It is a bag that fits the body shape making it easy to warm up quickly. They are among the most expensive bags but are the best choice if you go on camping at a temperature below 10 degrees.

The next type is semi-rectangular which is something between the mummy and the rectangular type. It is wider at the shoulder and the hips, but tighter in the head and foot regions. They are the best choice for mild weather and when there is the need for greater movement.

Double bags are generally sold in all the previously-mentioned shapes and are great for summer season because of their large size and greater internal airspace.

When choosing the most suitable one for kids, you should pay attention for some extra features like a built-in sleeve for holding a sleeping pad, pillow pockets so they can stuff a jacket or small pillow into the hood area and exterior pockets so kids can put goodies like combs, chapstick, gum, headlamps, campsite keepsakes and souvenirs in a safe place.

Insulation Properties

Insulation properties are a major factor in setting the price and for the right reason, it is what keeps you warm and comfortable. There are three types of fill materials found in sleeping bags – cotton fill, down fill and synthetic fill. Cotton fill is heavy and will absorb moisture rather than repel it. It is usually found in summer and warm weather bags due to their poor ability to insulate against the cold. Down fill comes from geese od ducks and it is considered the best quality because of their greater loft. And the synthetic insulation is popular for its strong overall performance. It is quick-drying, durable and non-allergenic.

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