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Whether Your Style Is Modern Or Rustic, Here’s How To Choose Perfect Dining Room Chairs

The dining room is an important part of the home. It is the place where people enjoy those delicious lunches and dinners with their family when often is hard to leave the table because of the fun time. It is not just about the food and the gatherings, it is about enjoying during the dinner time and moreover to feel comfortable in those pieces of furniture called chairs. They come in so many different styles, shapes, sizes and colours that buying the right set of dining room chairs would be a little bit challenging. Whether your style is modern or rustic, you will definitely be able to find your perfect match if you just follow our simple tips.

Dining room chairs

It is like an unwritten rule, always measure your available space before buy just any kind of furniture piece for your home. Only this way you will be able to buy the right fit. Measure the room and have its shape in mind. According to interior designers, the shape of a given room can have a huge impact on the size and style of the furniture. Do you have already set your heart on a set of chairs? Make sure you know their measurements so you can be sure that they will fit the room perfectly. The right set of dining chairs should be able to provide you with comfort and enough room to move.

Design – Maybe you think is imposable to match your modern dining table with traditional chairs or vice versa, but according to interior designers it is a possible mission. Just make sure they have at least one common design element. For example, if the table is rectangular or square form, make sure you choose chairs with the same form of the seat.

Dimensions – 55cm is a good standard of width for a dining chair that comes with arms. But this does not mean you can not go with larger models if you like. Only, make sure your dining table or dining room are big enough so suit the chairs. If you are in search for chairs that are stylish and offer maximum comfort, consider models that are 50 to 60cm deep.

Portability – You will set the table and she will stay on the same place all the time, but not the chairs. Because of this, you should look for chairs that are easy to move them in and out from the table. In this case chairs with a slatted back are a good choice and chairs with fully upholstered or solid back may be more difficult to grab. If you have kids, consider some lightweight chairs so your children can move them too.

Style – Dining chairs are versatile pieces of furniture. This means you can find them in an endless range of designs, colours and materials, made to match just any individual taste. If you love rustic style your best match would be traditional farm-style chairs made of wood. They will add an extra touch of authenticity to space. If you often host your friends for dinner, it is a good idea to pair few dining chairs with cushioned bench. This will provide your friends with enough space to sit while also creating and eye-catching composition.

For a person who is a fan of clean and modern lines, contemporary chairs will be a perfect choice. You can find these chairs available from a variety of furniture retailers coming with affordable prices. You can choose some from the rainbow of colours or buy those that come with nature or finished wood tones. If you are a traditional type of person, living in a traditional arranged home, upholstered chairs will make your dining area more inviting and formal.

With these few examples, we wanted to show you that there are the right set of dining chairs for just about any style and needs. Choose your perfect design, follow the tips above and you will be able to choose your right fit.


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