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How to Choose the Right Cloths for Your Cleaning Chores

Cleaning Chores

Although used on a daily basis in almost every household, cleaning cloths are something that one would put a lot of thought into. You just go to the store, buy a few of these and you’re ready to start cleaning your house. However, when you have to wipe the kitchen counter or the floor multiple times simply because your cleaning cloth is not as absorbent as it was advertised on its packaging it becomes clear that choosing cloths and other kinds of cleaning supplies for that matter is not something one should do in a hurry, After all, using poor quality cleaning supplies is not just a waste of money, but can make the whole cleaning process more difficult and time-consuming. That’s why investing in a quality set of cleaning cloths and other cleaning supplies is the first step to keeping your house in pristine condition.

The choice of cleaning supplies is more varied than ever before which can make it hard to find the right ones for your needs and budget. There are some important features to keep in mind prior to making a purchase. Material is an essential feature to consider when choosing cleaning cloths. From cotton and PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) to microfibre, cloths can be made from a variety of different materials. Microfibre and cotton are the most commonly used ones due to their ability to effectively remove both hard and liquid stains. However, there is one material that is not as popular yet has amazing cleaning properties. I’m talking about chamois leather which can be used as a highly absorbent drying material in a number of different cleaning tasks.

Designed to be minimal abrasive, a chamois cleaning cloth can be used for cleaning various kinds of surfaces, without scratching or causing any other damage to the surface being cleaned. These cloths were traditionally made from the skin of chamois, a type of goat-antelope whose main habitats include the European Alps, Tatar Mountains, the Balkans, and the Pyrenees. These days, however, chamois cleaning cloths are rarely made from the skin of this goat specie. Instead, they are manufactured from either natural (sheepskin and lambskin) or synthetic materials. Both natural and synthetic cloths can efficiently soak in and remove liquid stains. The main difference between the two can be found in terms of design and texture.

While real chamois have a soft texture and can be used for gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces, a synthetic chamois cleaning cloth has a tighter and more durable structure, which makes it ideal for removing tougher stains. The best thing about synthetic cloths is their ability to withstand various chemical cleaning agents without getting damage, which is not the case with their natural counterparts. They are made from quality, breathable materials such as wheat starch, PVA, and cotton. What’s more, synthetic cloths are less expensive than natural ones yet a lot more absorbent, which makes them great cleaning supplies for any household.

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