The Connection Between The Eating Habits Of The Kids and Cartoons

The colorful cartoon characters with the hypnotizing eyes on kids cereal boxes keeps both kids and even some adults addicted to eating them, suggests a new Cornell University research. Investigators there observed that many popular cereal manufacturers feature tempting cartoon characters whose eyes are designed to purposely look downward from the ledge, making direct eye contact with kids that were innocent as they wander down the cereal aisle using their parents.


It is this immediate eye contact, say researchers, that keeps kids their parents for more by confirming what, at least to a young child, feels like a close, personal connection. After studying the designs of 90 distinct spokes-figures illustrated on 60 different cereal brands, the researchers found that most of the kids’ cereal box had characters in cartoons staring down at an angle of 9.6 degree, right into the eyes of small children.

Performing their work in the Brand Lab and Cornell Food in Ithaca, researchers made calculations based not just on the height placement of cereal bins as they lay on in the shelf but in addition to the attentive design elements printed to the very front of their boxes. Children’s cereals, it turns out, are generally set just several feet in the floor, where their characters can stare kids down.

A current University of Pennsylvania research confirms what most parents already know: kids are far more prone to choose and love eating cereal if there is an accredited cartoon character on the box. More intriguing is the news that in case there are not any cartoon characters in the cartoon, kids tends to be more than likely to choose cereal, which is labeled as healthful.

The kids appeared to have the right motivation to pick the healthier cereal — when their favorite film characters showed up in the boxes this was easily overridden. That is clearly something food manufacturers use to their advantage.

What exactly can parents do? One idea is to merely make children aware of how their choices can be influenced by advertising. While this is not consistently enough, it puts a seed that will afterward empower kids to learn the way to produce educated decisions later in lifestyle. Keeping a number of healthy, unprocessed foods can also be very important to making sure kids have many other choices available to them. Children who eat many balanced, whole foods are far more likely to prevent cravings for junk food.

Fast food businesses do not pour all that money into selling their products to children for nothing. Studies support that kids do not just have an emotional preference for branded food: they actually think it tastes better.

In another study, youngsters were presented using a pick between similar types of milk, chicken nuggets, French fries, burgers, and baby carrots. Each food thing were given to children’s in basic wrapper bearing a McDonald’s emblem, although the nuggets, burgers, and French fries came from McDonald’s, while the other meals did maybe not.

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