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Creating a Backyard That Says Oui

Inspired by the scenic villages scattered in the south of France, the French country style is one of the most beautiful interior design style know for its rustic charm, cheerful blend of colours and effortless elegance. While there are many elements that make this style so distinctive, the final look is warm, casual and welcoming, the kind of look that fit perfectly well in both traditional houses and more modern homes. The artful combination of rustic and chic elements it what makes the French country style so charming and unique. The earthy, rustic pieces can infuse the living space with inviting comfort, while the chic accents deliver a dose of elegance and wonderfully complete the design scheme.

French Country Outdoor Furniture

Infusing your home with the comfortable and relaxing vibes of the French country style is easier than you might think. A few beautiful crafted furniture pieces and a bit of creativity is all you need to give every room in your house that effortless elegance- a key feature of this dazzling style. To achieve that artful harmony of colours and shapes try to keep things simple yet classy. The colour pallet should be based around soft and bright hues such as white, beige, light blues and pinks. The French country style is not only limited to the interiors, its distinctive charm extends to the exterior as well. In fact, if there is one style that can transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis set for relaxation that would have to be French country.

A backyard dressed up with rustic elements and colourful accents can make spending time outdoors so much more comfortable, while at the same time provide an elegant outdoor area for hosting guests. The whole purpose of this style is to design a space that reflects the warmth and comfort of the countryside. The aged appearance of natural wood can deliver a dose of warmth and comfort to the space and has that distinctive rustic look. That’s way most of the French country outdoor furniture is made from timber, oak, beech, maple or some other durable wood specie that has a rich colour.

Before you start deigning your outdoor space think the ways you want to use it. Do you want to use it for lounging and relaxing with your family or maybe you want to create an outdoor dining are where you would host parties? For turn you backyard into an inviting dining area you would need French country outdoor furniture designed for alfresco dining, such as dining benches and rectangular tables. If you want to create a charming lounge area infused with the charm of the countryside then opt for a comfy outdoor sofa in a soft colour such as white, beige or baby pink.

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