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Distance Measuring Wheel Explained

A distance measuring wheel is perfect for measuring long distances fast and accurately. This kind of tool is commonly used for estimating building lot sizes, paving jobs, carpet estimates, insurance calculations, utility contracting, fertilizer calculations and other distance measurements that need to be done as accurate as possible. And it’s pretty easy to use. All you have to do, is place the measuring wheel on the area you want to measure and roll the tool in a straight direction. Read the counter, once you have measured the wanted place.

Market is full with different sizes of distance measuring wheels, you just need to pick the one that fits your needs. A small measuring wheel is ideal for indoor measuring, since it’s not too heavy to carry nor occupies too much storing space. The medium measuring wheel on the other hand, is good for both indoor and outdoor use. Normally, a larger wheel is more suitable for indoor use. If a terrain is rough, get a larger measuring wheel. But, if you need the wheel for a smoother terrain then a small one will do the thing.


Beside the size, you will also need to choose the type of counter as well. Two types are available on the market – a mechanic and an electrical one. If you don’t want to buy batteries all the time, then go with the mechanical counter type. If you want to have several types of unit measurements like meters, centimeters, etc in a single model, then opt for the electronic measuring wheel.

One of the most popular distance measuring wheel available on the market today is the Digroll Plus2. This amazing model features built-in functions that automatically give accurate measurements and calculations. It’s ideal for calculating Linear and Area measurements, storing multiple units of measurements and converting feet into inches, yards into acres, decimal into feet. You can clearly see the measurements on the easy-to-read LCD display. It even includes an auto shut-off button to extend the battery life. Thanks to the built-in memory, you will be able to store multiple calculations and measurements. No need to erase anything you did previously. Most commonly used by professional estimators, paving contractors, real estate pros, surveyors, facility engineers, police work and telecommunication contractors.

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