Drinking Games for Two People with Cards

Today, we’re presenting you our favorite drinking games for two people with cards. We have “The Lady Has The Deck”, “Get Drunk and Go Fish” and “Ride The Bus #2”. Spice up your relationship and have a great time while doing it. Let’s get into the games!

drinking games for two people with cards

The Lady Has The Deck:

This game is especially amusing because it allows you to pick from the variation of choices if you lose. The rules are simple, first you need to remove three queens from the deck of cards and leave only one. Shuffle the deck and start drawing cards until one of the players has the queen. If you got the queen, your opponent has three choices: drink a mixture of drinks, prepared before the start of the game, take a shot or perform a dare of the winner’s choosing (oh goodies). You can continue the game as long as you want to, that is if you are capable.

Get Drunk And “Go Fish”:

One of the most dangerous drinking games for two people with cards, probably because there’s a high chance both of you will end up really drunk, this game is designed especially for that purpose. The popular “Go fish” is played by the standard rules except now you include the ‘Get drunk part’. You drink whenever your opponent or you get a pair, as well as when he asks you if you have a pair and you don’t. Whereas your opponent has to drink when you get what you needed. Thus, you don’t drink only when you ask your opponent for a pair and they have it. You finish the game when one of you runs out of cards and the loser drinks as many shots as the winner has pairs. It is obvious where this leads, on the road of sweet drunkenness if you ask us but it’s extremely fun and we cannot resist it dammit!

Ride The Bus #2:

To start this drinking game for couples, you will need a deck of cards and a lot of beer to begin with. The dealer deals 13 face-down cards in a pile and keeps the remaining cards in another pile then he flips the cards one by one. When the dealer flips a Jack over, the other player takes one drink, for queen 2 drinks, for king 3 drinks and for ace 4 drinks, cards from 2-10 are drunk free. For all the cards the player took a drink, you add the same amount of cards from the other pile we moved aside on the 13 card pile. The game ends when the 13 card pile has no more cards. If you think you are a tough shot and you can handle it, try drinking shots instead of beer, but first make sure you are not working the next day, high chance this will give you a severe headache.

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