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Early Intervention Can Help You With Your Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a condition that can affect both children and adults. There are many factors that can cause this. The inner ear contains hair cells that can easily get damaged when listening to loud music or sounds for a longer period. It is a well-know fact that louder sounds than normal can cause serious damage and even lead to permanent hearing loss. Genetics can play a major role as well and some people might have a genetic predisposition towards this condition. Age is anther factor as well, poor health and conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes can also damage your hearing ability. You can also experience hearing problems due to infection or trauma. Serious head injury can damage the structure of the middle ear thus leading to hearing loss. This health problem can often pass unnoticed and happen gradually or in different stages over a longer period of time.

Australian Hearing Services

Although there may be no obvious signs sometimes people experience ringing in the ears called tinnitus which is usually an indication of hearing loss. Other signs include pain in either both or one ear, feeling dizzy and frequently asking people to repeat certain words or even whole sentences. Experiencing certain level of pressure in the ears is yet another indication that you may be losing your hearing ability. The truth is that this is a serious condition that can affect both your physical and mental health and can ultimately have a negative effect on the quality of life. Early prevention is key and reputable Australian hearing services offer many different tests that can help you identify the problem quickly and on time. The audiologists first examines the ears and then the different tests are conducted that determine the type of hearing loss.

Sensorineural hearing loss– this usually happens as a result of head injury or trauma which damage the cells of the inner ear. A damaged auditory nerve, age and very loud noise can can also cause this type of hearing loss.

Conductive hearing loss– infection or trauma are some of the reasons that can lead to this type of hearing loss. Damaged eardrum or middle ear can also cause conductive hearing loss.

Mixed hearing loss– genetics can often be the reason for this kind of hearing loss. This condition as the name suggests is a mix of both sensorineural and conductive nearing loss and can also happen due to damaged middle or inner ear as well as problems with the heating (auditory) nerve.

Renowned Australian hearing services provide many different solutions depending on the type as well severity of the problem. They can make a full screening and quickly detect what causes the problem. Audiology clinics have the required experience and equipment to provide efficient and reliable hearing tests, besides your audiology can determine what are the best solution for you. Depending on the severity there are different treatments. Surgery is one option, however these days there are advanced hearing aids as well that can enhance sounds and help you hear them better and more clear.

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