The Easiest Way to Choose a Sleeping Bag for Your Camping Adventures

Who doesn’t love adventures, especially when it comes to camping?! Well, to be honest, we, women are not that enthusiastic about camping regarding the insect thingy, however, there are also many of us who are brave enough to get through anything and go on camping with their man and friends. Speaking of camping, the thing that truly matters here is having a good sleeping bag. A sleeping bag can be the difference between having a good and bad nights sleep while camping. And since camping is a popular thing among both men and women, these days there are lots of manufacturers who can offer different types of sleeping bags, so choosing one can be tricky especially if you are new to camping. Here are some of the most important things you need to consider before buying your sleeping bag.


Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating

The temperature rating is the first and most important key factor you need to consider when choosing a mummy bag. The temperature rating you choose will mainly depend on the temperature you are comfortable sleeping in. Since metabolism varies from person to person, so do bedrolls temperature ratings vary from one manufacturer to other. Generally speaking, sleeping bags are categorized like this:

Bag Type

Temperature Rating (°C)

Summer Season +1 °C and higher
3 – Season – 12 to + 1
Winter – 12 and lower

Note: When it comes to choosing a sleeping bag, you should choose one that has lower temperature rating than the temperature you expect to encounter.

Sleeping Bag Shape

Just like there are different types of bags for camping and temperature ratings, they also come in different shapes. Rectangular, semirectangular and double-wide are the most common types of bags for camping these days, wherein the rectangular ones are the roomiest ones. They are also the comfier ones, and if you happen to choose two rectangular bags with compatible zippers, you can create your own double bed and hug inside with your man. However, when it comes to this, the double-wide bags are a better option as they are designed for 2 people. They are roomy and can be combined with an air matters for making your nights warmer and cosier.

Sleeping Bag Insulation Type

Synthetic Insulation

When it comes to choosing the right type of insulation, most campers lean on the synthetic insulation because it has strong overall performance and a friendly price tag. It is made of polyester and it has a synthetic fill that has many advantages like quick-drying and insulating ability even if it gets wet. It is durable, less expensive and it’s non-allergenic which is ideal for those people who have allergies. However, there is one downside and that is that these bags are less versatile when compared to others, meaning that you cannot use them for backpacking.

Goose-Down Insulation

When compared to the synthetic ones, these are more durable and offer greater warmth, but come with a higher price tag because of the feathers.

Down Insulation

Down sleeping bags offer greater insulation level and are mainly used in the winter season when the temperatures are really low. Their main downside is that can get wet, but there are also many down bags that are waterproof.

Sleeping Bag Shell and Lining

The outer shell of camping bags is usually made of a ripstop nylon or polyester for increased durability. Many synthetic insulation bags have a shell fabric that is treated with a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish in order to bead up water. Linings, on the other hand, have the ability to promote the dispersal of body moisture which means that there is no DWR finish.

To understand whether the shell has a durable water-repellent (DWR) treatment, simply rub a wet cloth across the surface and if the water beads up, then you can be sure that it has DWR finish.

Sleeping Bag Hood

If you plan camping in cooler temperatures, make sure you choose a bag that has a built-in hood. There is also an option to choose a hood that has a pillow pocket where you can put some clothing in order to create a pillow.

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