Facts About People With Blue Eyes That You Never Knew

Shakespeare once said: “Our eyes are the mirrors of our souls“. The eyes are always the first thing we look at on another person and they can reveal a lot about that person: what they’re feeling, thinking, and whether they’re lying or saying the truth.

People with deep blue eyes

Our eyes, hair, and skin all get their color from a group of natural pigments called melanins. The amount of melanin in your iris defines whether you’ll be born with blue, green, or brown eyes. People who are born with a lot of melanin in the iris usually have brown eyes, while people with less melanin have green eyes. People who don’t have melanin usually have blue eyes. Blue eyes are very desirable and are generally associated with youthfulness and intelligence. Here are some of the most common characteristics of people with blue eyes.

  • People with blue eyes usually have very bright and cheerful nature. Even though many people think that blue-eyed people are least trustworthy, they are the most sincere out of the bunch.
  • People who have blue eyes are highly intellectual.
  • Those who have light blue eyes can handle more pain than people with darker eyes. A study has shown that women with blue eyes were able to deal with pain during childbirth better than those with brown eyes. They also had less postpartum depression and anxiety.
  • People who have beautiful blue eyes are far more competitive than those with brown or green eyes.
  • It has been proven that people who have blue eyes have long lasting relationships.
  • These people are very smart, kind, beautiful and peaceful.
  • People with deep blue eyes are very spiritual people and they possess a great power of observation.
  • Men with blue eyes are usually attracted to women who share their eye color. Experts believe that this might be an unconscious reflex to mate with females who share their physical traits.
  • Most people with blue eyes are highly sensitive to UV rays and have difficulties handling sunny days. This happens because blue-eyed people have less melanin than people with darker eyes.
  • A 1987 study has shown that people with blue eyes have slower reflexes than those with darker eyes.
  • Blue-eyed people are considered more attractive than people with green or brown eyes.
  • Blue-eyed people are prone to suffer from diabetes. A study has proven that the same genes who determine a person’s eye color also determine how resistant they are to diabetes and chronic diseases.
  • People who have blue eyes are great strategic thinkers and they excel in activities that require self-pacing.
  • Blue-eyed people get used to new things slowly and they are much shyer than brown-eyed people.
  • People with blue eyes might have different colored eyes. They are prone to suffer from Waardenburg syndrome which causes a person’s eyes to be of two completely different colors.
  • Even though they are extremely rare, some black people are born with blue eyes. The reasons are numerous – they might be suffering from albinism, they could be affected by the Waardenburg syndrome, or they might have inherited from their ancestors who interbred with white people.
  • People with blue eyes are all related in one way or another. It is said that blue eyes are a result of a mutation that occurred somewhere near the Black Sea.

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