Gear Up for a Safe and Thrilling Water Ski Adventure

Battling the waves by making flips and turns while drops of water hit your face. That’s the thrill of water skiing summed up in one sentence. It’s one of the most exciting water sports that is all about having fun while at the same time trying to keep your balance and glide fast through the water. The activity requires great team work with one person driving the boat and the other skiing while holding onto a piece of rope that is attached on the boat.


The speed of the boat should be adjusted according to the water conditions and the skill level of the skier. To avoid any accidents beginners shouldn’t ski very fast. Going at greater speeds while you still haven’t learned how to balance your body would naturally increase the chances of falling into the water and getting injured. So, at first it’s important to take your time and learn how to control your movements by skiing at slower speed. While mastering the technique of water skiing requires skilful leg movements, you would also need upper body strength to maintain proper posture and hold on tight to the rope. As you are doing turns you would need to grip the rope even more firmly. To maintain proper balance it’s best to move your body a little to the left or right in sync with the waves.

To master the technique of water skiing, you need a solid foundation, therefore, a quality pair of skis, that would keep you in a strong core position in the water, are a must-have piece of equipment. There are many features that affect the performance of the skis, but the length is probably the most important one. Those who are new to the sport would need a longer ski that is deigned to provide a lot of control and stability, while more experienced skiers often use a shorter model that allows them to reach greater speed. As a beginner you would want something that is durable, easy to use and fits comfortably.


Due to their advanced design and adjustable features the Jobe skis are great for entry -level skiers. They are designed to deliver the perfect combination of strength and control to make your time spent on the water fun, safe and enjoyable. The practical fore-body shape of the ski allows you to make sharper, more efficient turns with less effort. Jobe skis come with a wall profile fin foil on the side that has the purpose to reduce drag and water turbulence while at the same time provide durable surface area to slow down and make a safe turn. The skis feature horseshoe bindings that are lined with foam and come with trigger adjustment. They also have a tunnelled bottom that is designed to enhance stability and help you maintain your balance on the water.

Besides a great pair of water skis, to make your ski water adventure as safe as possible you would also need a life jacket that is designed keep you safe in case you fall in the water. It’s best to wear your life jacket together with a comfortable wetsuit that would keep you warm and further reduce the effect from an accidental fall. Don’t forget to take a high performance handle for the rope that would increase durability and strength and provide flotation.

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