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Someone like You

I never thought of loving
For me, love is only for weakling
But because of you, I realize something
That I always thought the wrong thing

Living in darkness what I always done
Not new that everybody are gone
Always living with no one
And in pain, I want to run

Someone like you is not for me
You’re so brilliant and always happy
You can do things that I couldn’t be
I only make you cry and put you in dark slowly

But you’re the only one who can make me smile
You never see me as a fragile
You want to walk with me in the aisle
And live with me in sun-drenched isle

i love you quotes

My Precious

As lightning and thunder stormed the early evening skies,
your warmth around her felt like a prize,
from different backgrounds, different views,
the paths you’ve taken haven’t been spared by woes,
you hugged in silence, eyes closed,
wishing this moment forever would hold.

A sense of humor that comes out of nowhere,
send her heaps of giggles and laughter,
stories that gave her a sense of wonder,
meeting you has made her life much brighter.

Gentle and weary hearts found their way to each other,
comfort and joy were all that matter,
at the end of a day, they each had to go home,
two independent souls still prefer being alone.

Prolonged silence cuts like a knife,
hugging her knees with tears in her eyes,
she couldn’t understand what happened and why,
how cruel life is, she sighs.

Either sit down and cry or get up and go,
optimistic as she is, you know just what she would do,
to keep her spirit always free,
she must dance to the ebb and flow of life,
always so gracefully.

Adios my Precious, Auf Wiedersehen,
it was nice knowing you, till we meet again!

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