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Guide to Creating a Fancy and Efficient Restaurant Bar

Every reputable restaurant should have a well-stocked bar that will provide refreshing drinks to customers and amp up the entertainment quality of the whole venue. Adding a bar to your restaurant’s design scheme is a great way to attract more customers, boost your profits and increase the efficiency of your restaurant business. To achieve all this there are some essential thing to consider prior to making the decision to open a bar. First you need to deicide what kind of bar will best suit your restaurant. Depending on the services and drinks they offer, all restaurant bars can be divided into two main categories: full service and limited service bars. Both come with their own advantages and drawbacks.

At a full service bar customers can sit and socialize while their drinks are being prepared by the bartender. This type of bar would usually serve some kind of meals along with the drinks. The selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is large, from classic cocktail drinks and wine to speciality cocktails, beer and bourbon. While a full-service bar can provide many entrainment options, it’s usually very expensive to run and when not done properly it can considerably increase the costs of the restaurant. At a limited service bars there is usually no direct customer service and the drinks are prepared by the servers. The beverage offer is often limited to beer and wine only, but you can also include your own signature cocktail. The only thing that can be considered as a drawback of a limited service bar is the lack of direct customer service. However, it’s easier to run than a full service bar and is more affordable, which means it won’t significantly increase your operational costs.

Regardless of what kind of bar you intend to open, there are a few things you need to invest in to ensure successful bar operation and management.

Practical Storage Space for Beverages

Keeping your drinks cool and well organized at all times is essential for creating an efficient bar that can provide top notch services to customers. Every well-stocked bar needs refrigerators and coolers that in addition to keeping liquor fresh and cold, will also provide practical storage space where bartenders and servers can store the beverages. There are many different type of bar freezers and coolers. For instance, a beer can refrigerator with a glass door can be the ideal choice for displaying your selection of beers. Make sure you choose one that doesn’t consume a lot of energy and has quite operation, with minimal vibrations. An advanced beer can refrigerator would often feature adjustable shelves that provide versatile storage options.

Essential Equipment for Beverage Preparation

One of the most important steps to running a successful bar is investing in quality bar equipment that will allow your bartenders to prepare all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks quickly and easily. Jiggers are one of the most important tools that every well-equipped bat should have. They are specifically designed to measure the amount of liquor used in the preparation of different types of beverages, whether that be cocktails, smoothies or refreshing juices. You would also want to invest in a quality cocktail shaker, grater and juice squeezer that can speed up the process of cocktail preparation. Some other essential bar tools include bottle sealers, cutting boards, ice buckets, bar spoons and measuring cups.

Quality and Chic Serveware

A great bar should not only provide unique and top quality beverages, but should also serve them in durable and stylish serveware. Make sure you have special glasses for serving many different drinks like beer, wine, cocktails, bourbon, tequila and so on. A great way to increase the serving quality of your bar is to adorn the glasses with fancy straws. To add a cheerful twist to your serving game opt for straws in vibrant colours and pattens. If, however you bar has a more serious and modern theme, choose unique stainless steel straws.

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