Guide To Roller Skate Maintenance And Adjustments

Now when the summer is officially here, it is time to start the skating season. Whether a beginner or not, it is always good to have your skates in tip-top condition, if not you are risking of having lots of injuries. Instead, replace your old skates Australia experts advise to carefully choose new ones.

You can always find skates at your local store, but for real skates Australia bargain deals, search online. Not only will it cost you less, but you will be able to compare prices, different brands as well as features and have them delivered to your door.


Once you have your new skates, you need to take good care of them. If you want to get the best out of them, you need to know more about how they work. Setting your skates up to suit your skating style will save you a lot of time getting used on them. To ensure a safe skating experience, follow the simple maintenance tips.

Care & Maintenance

To keep your roller skates in good position for many years to come, it is essential to regularly maintain them.

Toe Stoppers

  • Non Adjustable Bell-Type Stoppers – For this type of skates it is important to check the toe stoppers at least once a week if they are tightly fastened. To tight them up, you just need to use the right screwdriver.
  • Adjustable Stoppers – These types of stoppers don’t require much maintenance. To adjust or remove the height of these stoppers you just need to loosen the lock nut, which is placed on the toe stop bolt base. Once loose, unscrew the stoppers by hand, adjust their height or simply replace them with new ones.

Wheel Nuts

Once in several months test the tightness of the wheel nuts with a wrench.


Deciding about the tightness of trucks is a personal choice. Make sure that they are tight enough so that they do not slip, so you could control them easily.

Adjustable Plates

To adjust and safely lock the adjustable plates:

  • Use an appropriate wrench to loosen the lock nut located at the base of the truck assembly.

  • Once loosened, you can adjust the spacing of the trucks manually. Simply slide the truck assembly manually up and down in order to reach the right placement.

  • Once in the right position, tighten the lock nut properly.

Changing Your Bearings

It is completely normal that after 6 months to 1 year of usage, your skates don’t ride as smoothly as at the beginning. If you notice something different, it is time to change your them. The bearings are essential component of your roller skates, so replacing them regularly is important, as the new ones will provide a fast and smooth ride.

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