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Health Benefits of Bee Pollen and Bee Royal Jelly

Bee pollen and royal jelly are exceptionally nutritious superfoods. The healing power of these two natural foods are known since ancient times. Ancient Romans and Greeks used bee pollen and royal jelly as a remedy for improving health and for body rejuvenating. Things haven’t changed till today. You can find bee pollen and royal jelly in almost every healthy food store.

If you are a nutrition-minded person, you have no excuse not to buy bee pollen nor a reason not to buy royal jelly. Anyway, if you take care for your health, it is very probable that you already know how important role bee products have in staying in good health and shape. But how much do you really know for the benefits of these two superfoods? Read on to discover the wonders that these essential perfect natural products can do for your health.


Bee Pollen

Known as “the-life-giving dust” in ancient times, this ultra-healthy natural product is loaded in vitamins, proteins, minerals, lipids and carbohydrates. What makes bee pollen the real gift from nature, is the fact that this products contains literally all essential nutrients for good health. When you buy bee pollen keep on mind that you do the best for your health. Here are some of the wonders that bee pollen can do for your health:

  • Boost Your Energy – Whether you feel tired after work or after an intensive training, a quarter of teaspoon with bee pollen granules will help you fight tiredness and fatigue.
  • Protect, Heal and Rejuvenate Your Skin – The reason why this bee product is used in many cosmetic products it its ability skin protection and rejuvenating features. Moreover, if you have to deal with skin issues such as irritations, eszema, or psoriasis buy bee pollen before trying any medical treatment.
  • Improve Your Immune System – The strong antibiotic and anti-inflammatory features will boost your immune system and will help your body fight against viruses, free radicals and damaging oxidation.
  • Aiding The Digestive System – Is the amount and type of enzymes contained in the bee pollen that help for better digestion.
  • Protecting And Improving Your Cardiovascular Health – The antioxidant bioflavonaid Retin that can be found in bee pollen has great role in strengthening your blood vessels and improving the blood circulation. In this way the risk of cardiovascular diseases is reduced.


Royal Jelly

The nutritional profile of royal jelly is quite extensive. It is a best-value bee product that contains a variety of essential nutrients including: iron, calcium, B-vitamins, copper, folate, phosphorous and more. Furthermore, the main reason why a nutritionist would recommend you to buy royal jelly are the 17 types of amino acids contained in this valuable product. The main benefits of including royal jelly in your diet are:

  • Blood Pressure Regulation – It has been proven that royal jelly has impact on reducing the stress on blood vessels. By improving the circulation a daily dose of royal jelly (recommended by your nutritionist) will keep your blood pressure stable.
  • Reducing Cholesterol Levels – One of the main reasons to buy royal jelly is with no doubt its ability to reduce high cholesterol levels, which is vital for preventing heart diseases, atherosclerosis and stroke.
  • Preventing Cancer – Big number of the antioxidants and enzymes in royal jelly have been shown to prevent one of the most common type of cancer – breast cancer.
  • Weight Loss – If you are looking for a product that will boost your weight loss on a natural and effective way, buy royal jelly. This all-natural superfood will help you improve digestion, lower the cholesterol level, improve the function of your liver. These three main functions make royal jelly your strongest ally in your weight loss journey.

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