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Helpful Tips To Stop Smoking Without Medication

Stop Smoking Without Medication

Regardless you are a lifetime pack-a-day smoker or teen smoker, quitting from this unhealthy habit can be really tough. The more you learn about available options and the more are prepared for quitting, the easier the process will be. With the right plan made according to your personal needs, you can manage your carvings, break the addiction and join the million other people who get rid of this habit for good. If you definitely want to quit smoking, you can make few little changes to your lifestyle that can help you resist the temptation to light up a cigarette. Change the diet, make a plan for quitting, using a stop smoking hypnotherapy are just some of the solutions. For more info, continue reading.

Think positive – Positive opinion is quite important step in this process of quitting. If you had previous unsuccessful attempts to quit, do not let them discourage you. Just look ahead and tell yourself that you are really going to make this time.

Make a plan – Make a plan and try to stick to it. Make a promise to yourself, seat a date and try hard to not change your mind. Do not be put off by a party, wedding or other occasion when you had usually smoke.

Change the diet – For each smoker, the cigarette after dinner is the favorite one. According to some studies, some foods that include meat in their composition, make smoking after even more satisfying. Others, including vegetables, fruit and cheese, make cigarettes taste terrible. So instead, change your usual burger or steak for a veggie pizza.

Change the drink – The same studies was made about the connection of the drinks and cigarettes. Alcohol, tea, coffee, cola all of them make cigarettes taste better. So, when you are out on a drink with your friends, try to drink juice or water. Many people find that just changing their drink affects their need to light up a cigarette.

Get quitting support – If you have some friends or members of family that also want to get rid from this bad habit, suggest them to give up together. Be supportive to each other, create your own program of quitting and stick to it. Also, when you are at a party, stay close to non-smokers. If you see the smokers, do not envy them and think of what they are doing is a little bit strange.

Make a list of reasons – Keep reminding yourself why you are doing this. Find yourself a really good reasons that will push you ahead in this hard time for you. Those who never smoked can not understand, but smokers who have already quit know how tough is going through this process. Make a list of reasons and every time you feel you need support, read it.

Relay on stop smoking hypnotherapy – During stop smoking hypnotherapy cessation, you will be asked to imagine not so pleasant outcomes from smoking. For example, the hypnotherapist may suggest that smoking will leave your mouth feeling very parched or that cigarette smoke smells like truck exhaust. Stop smoking hypnotherapy focuses on three main points:

  • smoking poisons the body
  • you need your body to live
  • you should protect and respect your body.

The hypnotherapist will teaches you self-hypnosis and will ask you to repeat these affirmations anytime you feel desire to light up a cigarette.

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