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Here Comes the Fun – How Can Foodies Enjoy a Camping Trip to the Max

You know you are a hopeless foodie when all you’re really interested in is meal prep when planning a camping trip. You worry if there will be enough for everyone, if the meals are going to be tasty even though you’ll be far from your natural habitat – the kitchen, or even better, fancy restaurants and other little things that no one else seems to take so seriously.

Well, why leave things in the hands of mere mortals when you can get all you need to make mouthwatering delights come to life in the middle of nowhere. I am talking about camping kitchen equipment and although not all foodies are excellent cooks, one thing is for sure – they all like to experiment with food. That being said, let’s see what pieces of equipment are essential.

The one item you can absolutely consider your perfect outdoor companion is the dual fuel stove. Apart from being easy to carry and store, this camping kitchen equipment piece is perfect for all weather conditions. It features the innovative all season technology which means that you can use at all the time.

Next, you’ll need a camp oven. Depending on how many people you’ll go on the camping trip with, you can get a small one (10 inch) or a bigger one (12 inch). For getting the most value for your money, make sure you get one with a metal trivet as that will prevent your foods from burning and sticking to the base of the oven. And remember, with this baby, you’re actually getting 4 products in one as you can use it as a frypan, oven, hanging pan or a boiling pot.

Another convenient item is the griddle & grease cup and these usually feature a nonstick surface and are made of heavy duty cast aluminium. The grease cup can be easily removed so that you can empty it even while the griddle is operating. The last item that would probably be the first to think of for many campers is the portable BBQ. What you ought to look for regarding these is compact size and large cooking surface so that you can cook enough food for everyone and even save some for later. Easy ignition and consistent flame should also be prioritized features.

Now that you have an idea of what the most important camping kitchen essentials are, don’t forget the small things like kettle, cutlery, plates, cups, oil and seasonings too.

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