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Here’s Why Groundcover Plants are Gardeners’ Light Bulb Moment

Groundcover plants are, as the name suggests, plants that cover the ground. They are a versatile plant that can be used in many ways. They are perfect for dry climate conditions, like the ones we have in Australia, and they are a better replacement for grass. They don’t grow much in height, instead, they spread out on the ground, that’s where the name comes from. They are a beautiful addition to any garden, as they can cover up many imperfections and have various blossoms and fragrances. They are great to cover up the areas under larger trees, as there is little grass and often roots protrude from the ground. You can also use them in front of your house and near walkways for a much more elegant look. They are low maintenance and also remove a lot of maintenance costs you would have otherwise spent on covering all the imperfections you have around your garden and in your yard. However, not all of these plants spread on the ground, in the same way, some expand the size of the original plant, while others send out a lot of runners and grow over the top of the soil, and there are some that just produce a lot of seeds.

Groundcover Plants

Apart from fixing a lot of problems, such as bare spots, groundcover plants also cover areas that are hard to access. This is a great thing if you have a slope that you would want to plant something on, but it’s hard to reach in order to maintain those plants. Ground cover plants solve this problem because they require so little maintenance. You just plant them there and they will do their thing. Another benefit you get with them by planting them on a slope is that they prevent erosion. They stabilise the slope, so you can have a piece of mind. Ground cover plants also prevent invasive species in your garden or yard. They prevent invasive weeds and plants from inhibiting and growing in your garden and provide a protection from birds to beneficial earthworms.

Many species of groundcover plants have flowers, this is a great way to attract bees, which will pollinate your whole garden. You will also provide an amazing habitat for butterflies that bring out a certain beauty and a special charm to your outdoor living area. By binding the soil and preventing erosion they also provide another benefit to you and your other plants. Ground cover plants will stop the evaporation of water from the earth and all of your other plants will have more water, which in turn makes them even healthier.

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