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How Important Are The Games For Our Children

Game for children is as important as love, care, hope. The specialists for child development believe that the game is extremely important for physical, mental and emotional development of every child.

The game is an expression of joy through which children develop their personality and good relationship with others. The game is the key to creativity and imagination, developing the children’s reading, thinking, finding solutions and so on.

Through playing children learn to control their emotions, build relationships with the environment, and establish their value system and sense of ethics.

The game between parent and child is a wonderful opportunity to spend time together. The experts divided the game into several types of games.


Functional Games – This is a game that is repeated with different objects that develop motor skills in children. A good example of such games is collecting and extracting various objects, filling, sorting, water games, and outdoor games. The functional games are most suitable and common for the little ones up to 3 years.

Constructive Games – Those are the games in which the child creates and solves problems or tasks. Example for a constructive games are all constructor, puzzles and various creative games. About 50% of the activities of children between 4 and 6 years are constructive. Through them they develop logical thinking, creativity and the ability to bring solutions.

Imaginary – Pretend Games – Through these games children enter in a different role, they transform into heroes of fictional characters. The games can be group or solo. These type of games are particularly common in pre-school and first class. All pretend play games with pretend play toys help children to express themselves freely about their experienced things. The common toys for pretend play are cute playhouses, pretend play kitchens, play kitchens and other pres-school pretend toys like hero costumes, tasty pretend treats and foods, pretend airplanes and many many more.

All these pretend toys can help the children to learn and interact with others, develop their social skills, language and values.

Games With Rules – These games have specific rules. For example, ball games (football, tennis, basketball), jumping on a rope, learning songs or dancing. This type of game are represented in the school age with their help children learn about compassion and teamwork.

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