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How to Create a Contemporary Interior That Fuses Style & Functionality

contemporary style furniture

When it comes to the ways you can decorate your home, the sky is the limit. However, that doesn’t mean you should include everything you come across which seems attractive. In fact, it’s best that you limit your choices by picking an already established theme. From French Provincial to Scandinavian, retro, industrial or contemporary – there’s a theme out there to fit everyone’s tastes and personality. If you’re one to keep things fresh and in step with the time, then styling your home in a contemporary fashion is certainly the way to go. Here are some tips to help you create a space that’s current, attractive and functional.

Pick Contemporary Style Furniture

The way your home looks and feels is mostly influenced by your furniture choices. So, if you were to opt for contemporary style furniture, it will consequently make the space seem more contemporary also. Contemporary style furniture is defined by pieces that are simple and streamlined, free from embellishments as well as elaborate curves and weird shapes. But although the shapes and texture of contemporary furniture is simple, the colours can be bold and extraordinary. Although you’re free to choose any type of hue you want, it’s best to use colours in accent furniture like for instance occasional chairs, ottomans, side tables and similar.

modern style furniture

While contemporary furniture will definitely make the space seem stylish and current, it can also add more functionality to your home. For instance, contemporary sofas are innovative in design, come with integrated storage and can be modular, allowing you freedom to arrange them however you like. In addition, contemporary furniture is also high-quality as it’s made of hardwoods such as oak, maple, and walnut.

Create Mood with Lighting

While contemporary homes may seem like they lack interest and drama, this is often made up for with the choice of lighting. Besides making the space functional and safe, lighting in contemporary homes is also used to create atmosphere or add drama. With that being said, common choices of fixtures are recessed lights, track lighting along the moulds of the wall or ceiling and small spotlight and downlights that cast a glow upon architectural or decorative elements. In addition, you can install a dimmer switch that will help you control the mood of the room from a lively one to a subdued and intimate one.

Leave Floors Bare

The contemporary home should be low-maintenance and easy to clean. As a result, wall to wall carpeting and rugs have no place in it. It’s best to leave your floors bare, giving them a natural, clean look. Whether you pick tiles, vinyl or wood, bare floors can make the space seem larger and airier. In addition, this is also in line with the minimalist movement which is currently very popular.

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