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How to Create a Proper Streetwear Outfit

The roots of streetwear are deeply embedded into the skating culture as skaters used to and still wear them for one soul purpose – to be comfortable. Although it became popular with skaters, streetwear was initially closely related to surf and punk culture but it wasn’t nothing similar to the street wear of today. The skating culture was the precursor of today’s streetwear. This relaxed clothing made Silicon Valley companies to make their dress code more laid-back. The clothes that were once worn by a tight-knit community have know become a fashion statement for many including celebrities, especially rappers. Young people are especially keen to streetwear, but no matter your age, if you like what you see you can be cool too.

As Colour clothes man

Popular Brands

AS Colour

First we’ll start with an Australian owned brand which was founded in New Zealand back in 2006. It took 8 years for As Colour clothes to come to Australia but it soon became a popular streetwear brand amongst Aussies. The AS Colour apparel is not praised for its unique designs bur rather the lack there of. AS Colour clothes are made to withstands the test of time but not through design, rather with premium materials.


What is considered as the label that started streetwear, Stussy has been in the top tier since the 80s. It’s founder, Shawn Stussy started the label on the West Coast with a signature of his last name as the logo which has stayed unchanged to this day. The brand makes shorts, caps, jeans and all sorts of accessories.


A streetwear brand that’s stayed true to its name has to be Supreme. This label has stayed that way since the opening of it’s first shop in New York. Founded in 1994 by James Jebbia, which formerly worked at Stussy, the label reached a billion dollar valution a couple of years ago.


The world famous sports brand has also affected the streetwear world and the hip hop community. Collaborating with big stars and athletes Nike have branched out their line of products towards caps, active wear and accessories for both men and women. Also when talking about sneakers, Nike has become favourite amongst sneakerheads and it has been amongst the top dogs of the sneaker world too.


Founded in 1993 the Japanese streetwear brand has always been present on the streetwear scene. A Bathing Ape is what the label’s name means, which was an inspiration that its founder Nigo got from the 1968 movie “Planet of the Apes”. The brand became popular during the late 90s and early 00s thanks to the praise it got from hip hop icon Notorious B.I.G also known as Biggie.


If you’ve ever seen words in quotation marks being used on clothing and sneakers then you know they’re Off-White. The synonymous style of Virgul Abloh, the founder of this label, attracted big brands such as Nike, Vans, Jimmy Choo, Dr Martens and Timberland to collaborate with his label.

Streetwear Outfit

Tips on How To Get Your Streetwear Outfit Right

Statement Piece

If you are a beginner then it’s best to start with a statement piece – a piece of clothing that you’ll base your outfit on. It can be a bag, a shirt or your or jeans just make sure that it’s simple so you have a lot of garments and accessories to pair it with. You can go with a blank AS Colour apparel for this or if you want to show your appreciation for a brand, a simple Stussy, Nike or Supreme logo shirt.


This is an important part of streetwear which is best done by going form thin to thick. The amount of layers you’ll wear is up to you but the first garment should always be the thinnest of the bunch and the last one should be the thickest. Remember all the layers need to be visible so don’t pile up. This way you will get a versatile swavey outfit which will allow you to regulate your temperature by just removing a layer of clothing.

Oversized jackets and coats


Comfort is the core at this type of clothing style which is why you should wear oversized clothes. One size bigger apparel will do it, just make sure you don’t go overboard with it. Oversized jackets and coats are very popular today and they work extremely well with oversized jeans and even shorts. Some streetwear clothes have been made oversized so don’t get confused when comparing them with other garments.

Printed Tees

Nothing says streetwear more than printed tees and if you don’t know what to go for it’s always best to start with classic shirts. One of them is Palace’s Tri-Ferg tee and Fuct logo tee. For a more niche style you can go with graffiti and punk reference tees from Well Fed, Burma MFG and Stray Rats. None of the above mentioned brands would’ve made it into the big league without their classic cornerstone printed tees and showing your appreciation for them will easily put you in the spotlight.


Whatever you do make sure you always have your clothes complement the colour of your sneakers. For example, if your sneakers are not something that goes unnoticed when walking down the street, then have one of the predominant shades to match with the colour of your outfit.

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