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How To Maintain Artificial Grass Australia

There’s no doubt that the grass is what makes an outdoor space appealing and relaxing. Can you imagine your outdoor area without a grass? Hard to that, right? But since we are living in an modern and busy era, sometimes all the gardening job can be quite difficult to do mainly because of our everyday and busy schedule. The best way go get the best of both worlds is to invest in high quality artificial grass because it doesn’t require any special care and it is pretty easy to maintain.

With that on mind, we have gathered a list of the most important things that will help you keep your artificial grass always looking good.

artificial grass Australia

Pick The Right Equipment

Besides choosing the right artificial grass Australia gardening experts say that choosing the perfect equipment is of vital importance. With that on mind, you need to obtain yourself with the following important tools for having always good looking green grass: a hose, a rake and a leaf blower.

Keep Chemicals Away From Your Lawn

Since artificial grass is in fact made out of synthetic material, you need to avoid using harsh cleaners. You should also remove any organic materials, dead bugs, animal faeces and leaves since they can break down an release corrosive chemicals that could damage the artificial grass.

Remove Stains Promptly

If by accident you have stained the grass, act quickly and clean it. The best to get rid of a stain is with hose, as the water pressure is high enough to remove any stain. However, if dealing with harder to remove stains like a stain of blood, coffee, dye, fruit juice, etc., you might want to clean the stain directly with a proper detergent. All you need to do is to follow the instructions (written on the back of the label) and clean the stains from your grass.

Keep The Fibres “Alive”

If you want to prolong the life of the artificial grass, you need to rake the fibres from time to time. On that way you can easily spot some weeds and kill them with a mild weed killer that won’t damage the artificial grass.

Remove Bacteria And Mould

It is hard to find bacteria in artificial grass if you clean and maintain it properly. However, if you suspect that there is bacteria on the lawn, you can eliminate it easily by using a mixture of water and white vinegar.

In case you notice any strange colour (meaning that there’s mould on the lawn), immediately use hydrogen peroxide to the coloured area and after that rinse with clear water.

Prevent Burns

Burns can literally damage the synthetic lawn. That’s why you need to be extremely careful, especially when smoking cigarettes. When it comes to choosing artificial grass Australia online stores offer a large section and different quality, so make sure you choose one that is fire resistant.

Bottom line, artificial grass is great and it doesn’t require a lot of special care, however, keep in mind to apply all of the above tips if you want to prolong its lifetime and keep it looking good.

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