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Important things to check before buying a used car

Buying a used car can be really tricky and difficult at the same time because at first sight everything looks perfect and works smoothly, but after a while surely the problems will start to come out.

So before buying a car there are few things that every person should consider and do. First of all, do not buy the car before you do good pre purchase inspection. This means that if you have no experience in checking cars, take it to a professional car mechanic service where can be done a real and professional car inspection. They will check and examine every part of the vehicle and will tell you if it is worthy to buy it.

Take a look at the following things you need to check before buying a used car.


  • Make an outside check. This means that you must firstly check the outside look of the car and the surface. Check the paint, check for scratches or notes of any rust. Check if the windows and windscreen are in perfect condition without any scratches, holes or cracks.

  • The next car inspection check is checking under the hood for any indications of rust or other damage. Check how the engine is running and if there are any sort of leaks and corrosion. If there are any forget about this car because this can lead to future more expensive repair. Check the fenders and their inside – inside the fender must be written the VIN (vehicle identification number). If the number is missing than the fenders are replaced.

    Remove the oil filter and if there are any brown leaks this means that the car isn’t worth.

    The last checked thing under the hood must be the hoses and belts. They must be in perfect condition without any cracks. However the most important thing you need to check is the timing belt. The timing belt is costly to replace so you he needs to be checked by a professional car mechanic.

  • Check the seats, the upholstery and the safety seat belts for any seats, stains and rips.

  • Check the tires and their pressure.

  • Ask for a log book. In the log book is written every made repair on the car, when it’s bought, the serial number and model.

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