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Industrial Brakes Service Tips

Brakes are mechanical devices used for slowing or stopping a moving object (vehicle, machine). These features are used in most industrial machines, systems and applications, and users commonly complain about the noise they make. Occasional screeches from brakes is usual when the industrial brakes are being applied normally, but sometimes the noise means they need an inspection and possibly an immediate service. If the squeals become too loud or too common, it is service what your industrial brakes need. Here are few great service tips for your brakes.

industrial brakes

Squealing Noise? – If your industrial brakes have that annoying squealing noise even when you are driving and not applying the brakes, that is a warning sign that tells you that your brake pads are worn out and require an immediate replacement. If the squealing noise appears only when applying the brakes on stops, this means your brakes are not operating at optimal efficiency, because the brake linings are getting hard. This may also indicate a faulty brake hardware.


Grinding Noise? – If you hear a grinding noise when applying the industrial brakes, there is a major problem in the brake system or wheel area for sure. In most cases, this indicates that the brake linings are worn out or that the wheel bearing has failed. To prevent a complete brake or wheel failure and possibly an accident, you should immediately have your vehicle inspected by professionals.


Clicking Noise When Turning? – If you hear a clicking noise when taking turns, it probably means that you have at least one outer CV joint working poorly. This also requires an immediate attention, because if the joint comes apart, you can end up stranded in the middle of the road. By having this clicking noise eliminated, you will reduce the possibility of an accident and avoid paying a towing service.


Brakes Pedal Going To The Floor? – If the brakes pedal goes to the floor and it is low most of the time, your industrial brakes require an immediate attention from a professional. This problem can be caused by a variety of malfunctions and it must be taken care of as soon as possible. If the industrial brakes are not working properly, hire a towing company to get your vehicle to a mechanic service.


Constantly Losing Brake Fluid? – The brake hydraulic system is a closed-type system, so the brake fluid is not used in a normal service. Because of brake linings wear, the brake fluid level can suffer slight fluctuations. If you need to add brake fluid more than once, be sure there is a brake fluid leak somewhere in the system. To prevent a brake system failure, have your industrial brakes serviced as soon as possible.


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