Jiffy Bags: A Convenient Way to Send Your Mail

You’ve seen them a million times but if you didn’t own a business so far, you didn’t pay a lot of attention to them. Mail bags are super important when it comes to grabbing people’s attention towards your brand. They are excellent when it comes to durability and can seriously put a great impact on your brand image. This is a reliable product when you’re in the e-commerce business where you mail the products you sell to your clients.
Mail bags are important for many different reasons and here are several of them.

Mail Bags

What are Mail Bags

How many boxes did you get when you ordered something that could have easily been packed in mail bags? The answer is too many, perhaps. Shoes for example are often packed in cardboard boxes so shipping them in another sturdy box is not a very smart thing. This way, not only we all contribute to the tones of garbage, but we make things more complicated. If you’re selling shoes or apparel, you could easily skip the boxes and ship them in jiffy bags. Shipping with boxes becomes unnecessary. Why use them if the items you sell aren’t fragile? E-commerce shipping isn’t the cheapest thing in the world, so you have to find a way to do things that won’t ruin your budget. A jiffy mailer is an affordable alternative to the standard packaging and takes so much less space and it’s easier for picking and shipping.These mail bags have with a self-sealing foldover lip, which means you won’t need tape. The shipping label can be affixed directly onto the bag. Their thin and durable material won’t get ruined during the transport and the best thing is that these bags a very little space. You can find them in all sizes and styles, some are padded with bubble wrap so you can send fragile items as well.

Why Should You Use Them?

Small and Lightweight

A mail bag is a small and lightweight bag that is made of plastic which doesn’t take a lot of space neither in the warehouse nor during transport. And small and lightweight packages are easy for shipping so when it comes to delivery, they will be neatly placed into the mailbox, which reduces the chance of getting stolen. Also, their size and light weight allow you to get more of them and ship more of them (which means profit for you).
Your customers will especially value these bags, since everyone wants to be able to lift and carry their order, instead to seek help to lift a heavy box.
When it comes to your point of view, you’ll be able to pack much more bags and ship them, compared to boxes for example.

jiffy bag

Custom Branding

A jiffy bag can be easily customized. This is beyond important for your brand. You can design your own logo and choose the colour pattern. This is very important since it works as an additional ad to your company or business. And once people learn your logo on the mail bag, they will start to recognize it over time.

Minimizes Costs

When you start your business, money is going to be tight. This smart investment will either save you or break you. At this point, you have to get affordable things, including the mail bags. The jiffy bags are affordable for most new brands and business. You’ll save a ton of money by investing in these bags, instead of buying boxes for your products. Not only these bags have many other benefits, but their price is excellent as well.

waterproof mail bag


No matter how carefully you packed your products, once you ship them, you don’t know where the bags will be stored. A water-resistant mail bag will protect the inside of the item, keeping it in excellent shape. The last thing you and your customer want is to get a damaged product. If that happens, the client will never return to purchase other things. And this damages happen all the time to things packed in boxes. Imagine sending important papers and documents and all that gets damaged because it was packed in a package that wasn’t water resistant. You don’t have to have a business to get water-resistant mail bags. In fact, these are so great that you can use them whenver you send things you want to be sure that will arrive on the desired address with no damages at all.

Durable and Convenient

These bags are made of durable materials that will endure even the longest shopping, or poor starge where mould and water are a threat. Made of sutrdy materials that will not get damaged by water or mould, harsh weather, and so on. The convinience lies in all the uppermentioned features including their low price.


If you’re aware of the enviornment and the incredible amount of garbage people create every day, you’d certainly want to get your jiffy bags since they’re eco-friendly. These bags are made of recycled mateirals and are biodegradable so you can at least be sure that even using them in large number, they won’t damage the enviornment.

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