Kitchen Renovation On A Slim Budget

Are you thinking about kitchen remodeling, but are on a slim budget? The truth is, small changes can refresh your kitchen and make it look chick, modern and trendy and all this without spending a lot of money. Solution – pay close attention to the details, because they are what affects the overall look of your kitchen, perhaps more more than you think. Read our tips below on how to remodel a kitchen on a slim budget.
Update Kitchen Cabinets – Kitchen cabinets occupy most of your kitchen space and are the first thing you notice, thus refresh them with new color or accessories. If they are made out the material that cannot be re-painted, replace just the doors. Contact kitchen renovation Melbourne shops and ask for a price on cabinet door replacement. This is usually a low-cost fix-up. Enhance the overall look with nice stainless steel handles and maybe few glass elements.

Throw Away All That’s Unnecessary – We all have a habit of leaving things on kitchen counters and ‘stuffing’ cabinets with many little things that will never be used. Ransack those shelves and throw away all the items you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Also, once a month, check all the draws and cabinets and throw anything you don’t plan on using.

Update Lighting – Be creative when renovating kitchen. There is a large selection of various lighting fixtures from hanging lights, ceiling and wall mounted lights to small cabinet lights. Remember, bright kitchen is a warm kitchen and conveys the feeling of comfort. Visit specialty stores and browse online for many specials and discounts and save.

Replace The Counter Top – Even if your counter top is in good condition, but its color is outdated – replace it with a new one. This is an easy, fast and cheap makeover. Try to use bright colors to make the  kitchen look bigger or vibrant colors to spruce it up a bit.

Accessorize – Update cabinet handles. They will give an instant fresh look to your cabinets. Remember, no need to spend big bucks at big retailers. Instead visit small stores and workshops which specialize in kitchen remodeling and where you will most likely find modern and unique handles at an affordable price. Another creative way to renovate kitchen is by updating windows. Get new blinds or curtains depending on much time you spend in the kitchen. Opt for the low-cost and easy-to-maintain option. Let your imagination run wild and play with materials, colors and textures.

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