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Kitchen Sinks: How To Buy Quality Without Breaking The Budget

On the past, kitchen sinks were merely a basic necessity in the kitchen. Nowadays, kitchen sinks can connect functionality with beauty. This thanks to the many styles and finishes that manufactures offers making them able to match or complement every decor and every taste.

Whether you’re looking to update you kitchen without spending thousands of dollars, or just need more elbow room, here is a guide that will help you to buy quality kitchen sinks without breaking the budget.


Kitchen Sinks vs Kitchen Size

From single bowls to double bowls of different sizes, shapes and depths – your options are many. And that is why it is important for you to consider the size of the kitchen and how you’ll used the sink. Large models which are popular right now, will overpower a small kitchen. But if you have a large kitchen, you can opt for the convenience of double bowls that allow you to place dishes in one bowl while you use the other for rinse off vegetables for example.

Combining Faucets Style And Function

You probably will want to replace the faucet along with the sink. Single-handled models with pull-out spouts are trend right now. Available in different finishes, they are convenient for cleaning produce as well as the sink. Once you’ve decided on style and finish look for washer-less operation, which are likely to last longer particularly if your water has lots of sediment.

Mounting Choices

There is not a lot of choices involved in plumbing for a sink. How and where the sink will be attached to the counter-top is the decision you’ll need to make.

Self-rimming kitchen sinks are the easiest to install. Lighter sinks like stainless-steel ones are secured to counter with clips and screws while heavy cast-iron sinks are held in place by their weight.

Under-mount kitchen sinks are common because they are sleek looking, makes easy wiping off the counters into the sink and allow different shapes and sizes of bowls to be combined. The down side of under-mount sinks is that they often take more time to be installed and also require solid materials such as granite since the counter material is exposed.

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