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Land Cruiser Exhaust System Buying Guide

The Land Cruiser is the longest-running series in the history of Toyota. Over the years it has proven to be the most durable and popular option for four wheel drive around the world and especially in Australia. However, a lot of users do not know that by upgrading the Land Cruiser Exhaust system it can better the performance of your vehicle and lower the toxic exhaust gases.

From petrol to diesel, the Land Cruiser offers you both options. However, the most popular version is the diesel Land Cruiser because it replacing it with a third-party which is regarded as the easiest and best way to upgrade the performance of your vehicle. They are designed to fulfil the fullest potential of your truck and release gases with a more efficient way.

land cruiser exhaust system

Currently on the market, there are dozens of retailers who offer you a third-party Land Cruiser Exhaust System, however, the best ones will increase your horsepower and torque and they will be fuel efficient and lower the exhaust gas temperatures which in fact is very crucial when it comes to diesel engines. For that reason, manufacturers have used bigger pipes, equipped with mandrel-bent tubing to have more durability. Moreover, they used high-quality stainless steel pipe and a performance muffler that has no problem such as baffles or any type of restrictions.
Nevertheless, before you make any decision and buy a Land Cruiser exhaust system, you will need to reconsider these features.

  • It should have stainless steel mandrel-bent tubing
  • It should be equipped with OEM barbed hangers so the installation process would be quick and easy
  • The muffler should be leant towards performance with no baffles or any restrictions on it
  • The diesel tip should be polished which is not so common feature with the factory exhaust system

There are rumours that replacing the exhaust of your vehicle will effect your warranty – which is totally wrong. The after market Land Cruiser exhaust system is designed, tested and works with the DPS system that is made by a reliable and professional manufacturer that will offer you better performance, sound and look.

So, there you have it – the simple, yet very informative guide to find the best exhaust system for your Land Cruiser. When searching, it is highly recommended to take your time, which means to contact them see their options, check a couple of them, make a comparison and then make the final buying decision.

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