Learn How To Skate Board

You simply could not stay indifferent to friends of yours who are riding through the town with they skateboards, so you have made a decision to joint them. Buying a quality skate board and choosing just one from the wide range available on the market, was the first step in the whole process of becoming a skateboarder. Now when you are done with your purchase, the next step is to learn how to ride. Probably there will be a lot of ups and downs, but remember becoming a skateboarder requires patience and time. So, before start with your trip, it is good idea to know some basic things that may help you in your plan of becoming a real skater. skate board

Get comfortable

Becoming an expert in something require time and work. So, stay away from the idea that you will become professional rider after just few rides on your new deck. Ask your friends for help. Start with the basic movements and turn to a new phase when you will feel completely ready. Lay a good foundation so you can achieve better results with time.

Finding your perfect position

Riding a skate board requires your one foot to be in front while the other goes back. This way you will keep balanced and power the board during the ride. Before doing anything with your board, you need to nail down and find your right position. If you have some experience with snowboarding you may already know which is the position you are feeling more comfortable in. If you haven’t you can use one simple trick. Please one of your friends to push you gently and take a note of which foot you step on to catch your fall. If it is your right foot you ride “goofy” if it is left you have “regular” position.

Start soft

In the whole process of learning how to skate, it is important to get used to your board and feel comfortable. For a start, it is a good idea to ride on a cushy surface. Take the position you are feeling the most comfortable, ensure your front foot is over the front truck bolts and your back foot in over the back truck bolts. This will over you balance during different circumstances. Try to jump a little bit and do not get disappointed if you fall. You can also try balancing the deck with the back wheels only and then with the front wheels. This will give you a clear picture of how the deck moves. Once you understand this, you may try to ride on a harder surface.

Hitting the pavement

Now when you have some basics, you can try ride into the street. Since you are still a beginner, choose some safe place for your ride. Step onto your new skate board, get your perfect position and make a balance. If you feel a little bit braver, try to jump. When you will get comfortable with your board and know how to keep yourself balanced, you can start with some more complex movements.

There are a lot of things that need to be learned, but you need to make a sturdy base first for everything else you will need to learn in the future. Only this way you can become great rider on skateboard.


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