List of Funny Nicknames for Girls and Boys

Everybody had a funny nickname at one point of their life. There are many various ways to call someone without being rude. Today, we’re presenting you a great list of funny nicknames for girs or boys, for girlfriend, boyfriend or even for a pet.

funny nicknames for girls

Romantic Nicknames for Guys

If you’re looking for a unique nickname for that special man in your life, pick something funny. However, be careful to not be offensive. Guys won’t mind anything, but still you want to be sensitive.

Funny Nicknames for Guy Friends

If you want a nicknames for all your guy friends you can try and use words like “bro” or “dude”. Use that as a base and add something funny to it.

Romantic Nicknames for Girls

For girls, it’s a little bit tricky when choosing a nickname because they are a bit sensitive. You want to choose something that’s funny and won’t offend them. Make it something that they would like.

Funny Nicknames for Girl Friends

If a girl is your friend she won’t be offended by something that’s funny, but still be careful to not be too offensive. It goes the same here as for guy friends, pick something for a base, like “sister” or “lady” and add something funny to it.

Funny Pet Nicknames

For pets, it’s a lot easier because pets won’t be offended. Pick something that’s funny, cute and unique. You can even name them after a different animal, they’ll still love you.

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