Love Poems For Her From The Heart

love poems for her

Love Poems For Her #1: Don’t Hesitate

Every problem is of your made
So wake up and change your fate
Your life is full of many things to appreciate
Running away will make you more afraid

Feeling disappointed won’t give you any aid
Are you satisfied with your laid?!
The price of this comfort will be paid
Don’t waste your time, Be more arrayed

Or your problems will duplicate
Keep on going, don’t live in shade
The only way to solve them is to invade
Or to give up and stay in this state

But this won’t make a good trade
If this what you want, Why you wait
all this time and begin this raid
You have to try to be great

If you fail, this doesn’t mean a stalemate
Learn from them and try to evade
Don’t put your mind in a closed crate
The fisherman always throws the bait

He won’t get anything,
If he doesn’t wait
Start now even with slow rate
It is a matter of time, So don’t hesitate

Love Poems For Her #2: Slow Down

Run Away
Don’t look back
you’ve run all your life
Don’t change track

You’re always running
Life a big blur
Its time to find
something to slow for

Not something that fades
but someone to love
Someone who makes you stop
That is truly enough

I’ve been running for a while
and I am ready to slow
I just wonder
Is she ready to go

Love Poems For Her #3: Hopeless Heartlessness

If I had a dollar or every time I faked a smile,
For every time I told my victimiser,
Even though I did despise her,
That it wasn’t their fault.
For every time I was told how unattractive I was,
Or how I could pass for an anorexic.
Google would have nothing on me.
Not the boring ‘nothing’ you would say when you’re asked what you’re doing,
But the kind of ‘nothing’ where everything is wrong but not even the dictionary has enough words to heal the burning sensation in your left breast.
The kind of ‘nothing’ that brings pain to my chest,
That makes me gasp for air,
That inhabits my mind forcing me to stick my head between my knees because I don’t know what to do next.
Maybe the kind of nothing that makes me wish I were heartless.

I leave my heart wide open,
To words that are spoken,
But in the end it wounds up broken.
Whether they knew or cared,
Or appreciate what was shared.
Or noticed me put myself in positions I never dared.
But, why should I anyway?
There’s no use to try,
It’ll be quite fun today,
And tomorrow make me cry.
Life can be great that’s something cannot deny,
But when it’s full of hate,
I feels like one huge lie.

But these feelings together just feel so wrong,
Because when it’s my turn to be strong,
When I don’t want to be the pathetic girl crying in the corner,
When I don’t want to be phased my the hopeless crushes,
Or the stupid blame games that I never chose to play because the finger is always pointed at me.
Everything, shatters from the heat,
All the pieces just lay at my feet.
I don’t bother pick them up ‘cause that’s where they’ll end up anyway.
And it’s not that I don’t want to move forward,
It’s that I can’t.
Stuck in the mud of misery, sadness and passive aggression,
It’s like there’s a sign on my head saying “hit me where it hurts”,
A target on my heart and a thousand guns pointing directly at it.

But when the shower of pain finally comes to an end and my spirit is nothing but a limp figure on the ground.
The single bullets that dared land on the target,
Came from the rifle of those I dare love most.
But they didn’t mean to, right?
I mean they never do.
All the pain they caused me was because they never knew.
Because I never let them.
I try to wear a mask to show my doubts are gone,
But when I’m alone I do nothing but mourn.
The feelings,
The fantasies,
And the hopeless affections,
All the little traits that tear my heart to sections.
And this, this will never change regardless,
‘Cause ‘til this day I still wish I were heartless.

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