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Make Your Dream Home a Reality: The Benefits of Modular Construction

Without a doubt, the best way to make your dream home a reality is to build it from scratch. Unlike buying or renting a home where you just take a pick and move in, building a home allows you to tailor your future living space to your needs and wishes. However, building a house the traditional way can also be an expensive and time-consuming task which is why more and more people consider modular construction.

A modular house is built in a climate-controlled factory, away from the site where it’s supposed to stand. Although people used to associate modular with mobile homes, both have nothing in common. In fact, modular homes are indistinguishable from stick-built homes. They have a permanent foundation and facades made of brick, stone, stucco or siding. So, after years of overlooking modular houses Australia residents now come to realize the many great benefits of this type of construction.

You Can Move In in Express Time

Although it might sound unbelievable, modular houses can be usually built in 3-9 months depending on the complexity of the design. This is because there are no outside factors that can postpone the building process, such as bad weather or road work. What’s more, as the whole construction takes place entirely in a climate-controlled factory, at the same time the site can be prepared and the foundations can be laid. In comparison, traditional construction often takes 3 times as long, with construction times ranging from 9 months to 2 years. So, if you need a quick solution for housing your growing family, modular is the best choice.

There Are Significant Savings

What’s more, since modular homes arrive pre-made and ready to be installed, there’s no risk that materials at the site will be stolen. And because the building process is carefully planned out from start to end with the costs for labour, materials and shipping precisely factored in. Once your home is priced out, that price won’t change which means you won’t feel cheated by unplanned expenses which can often be the case with stick-built houses.

Energy-Efficiency and Durability

Modular homes are made of separate units called modules which are “locked” together on site. Each module has its own walls, ceiling and floors, so when they’re brought together, their parts double the thickness which improves the insulation of the home. And nowadays, it’s a fact that energy costs in Australia increasingly go up. That being said, with the help of modular houses Australia homeowners can reduce their heating and air-conditioning costs. What’s more, because the materials aren’t exposed to outside factors such as rain or UV rays, modular homes experience fewer mould issues and structural defects.

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