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Modified Sinewave Explained

First of all, you need to know what is an inverter. It is a power device that changes the direct current (DC) from a battery to alternative current (AC). But the householders commonly encounter a serious doubt, whether to buy a sine wave inverter or a cheaper option, a modified sinewave inverter. The sine pure wave inverter is usually used for more complicated and sophisticated appliances, though most appliances are compatible with both inverters. However, the modified sinewave inverter is increasingly more popular and more often utilized, because it offers much more than the pure sine wave inverter.


The modified sinewave inverter is named after its output waveform, a square wave. The outputs of modified sinewave inverter cycle through positive, ground and negative voltage, in order to provide a similar output square waveform to the pure sine wave inverter’s. Due to the small peak outputs, the modified sinewave inverter powered appliances do not need to be able to deal with more power for longer periods and additional heat. However, most of the appliances produced today are specifically developed with ability to withstand overheating and longer periods of operating.

Compared with the pure sine wave inverter, the modified sinewave inverter is a cheaper and simpler solution. The modified sinewave inverter has a simple structure, without some complicated and expensive components that the pure sine wave inverter includes and it uses the battery power much more efficiently, which can result with longer life of the battery. Due to the simpler structure, it is logically that the modified sinewave inverter is less expensive. For example, if a householder needs an inverter for light bulbs or similar small power consumers, the modified sinewave inverter is the perfect choice. But before installation, the householder must make sure if the appliance can run on modified sinewave inverter before plugging it.

Choosing the right inverter for specific application is difficult. To do so, many factors need to be considered. The pure sine wave inverters are suitable for all kinds of appliances, small and large power consumers, while the modified sinewave inverters are suitable for most of the appliances. The modified sinewave inverters are not able to work with some devices, such as photocopiers, laser printers, power tools running on AC motor, battery charger, etc. Also, the pure sine wave inverters are the better choice for sensitive electronics. And besides this, the modified sinewave inverters are more cost-efficient and the better choice than the pure sinewave inverters.

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