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Most Popular Coloured Vinyl Flooring

It is tough to withstand the impact of kids, dogs and moving furniture, however if you choose high quality coloured vinyl flooring, the possibility of ruining the floor might not be so great. Instead of using the traditional laminate, you will be able to choose from a wide range of coloured vinyl flooring that gives you greater choice of design and durability. If you want to make a stylish statement, than the coloured vinyl flooring is an ideal solution for you. Beside the fact that you have an array of modern shades to choose, this flooring solution is also easy to clean and maintain in future. Ideal for either your kitchen, bathroom, dinning room or for every place that comes in your mind.

multi coloured geometric pattern

Red Vinyl Flooring – If you want to bring warmth and brighter colors to your home, make sure you choose a red vinyl flooring. This sangria design makes your home looks brighter and gives that homey and cozy feeling every house should have. Be sure that the red vinyl flooring is a perfect choice to make, simple easy to fit, clean and love. You will immediately give your home a different atmosphere and more welcoming feeling, thanks to the warm, lively rich red vinyl flooring solutions.

Pink Vinyl Flooring – If you want to change your traditional and boring flooring design, then don’t hesitate to choose pink vinyl flooring. You will be bale to find outstanding pink shades of pink vinyl flooring, that will give truly fruity interior. Make your daughter’s room a stylish and comfy place to stay in, with the lively red vinyl flooring colors, available on the market these days.

Brown Vinyl Flooring – When it comes to brown vinyl flooring, kitchen and bathrooms are often the ideal places for this kind of transformation. You would be amazed of the final outcome. A combination of brown vinyl flooring and interesting wall designs would make your bathroom and kitchen a relaxing place to stay in. Give style and luxury to the rooms that you most frequently use, with high quality brown vinyl flooring designs.

Cream Vinyl Flooring – Cream vinyl flooring is another popular coloured vinyl flooring design that gives softer touch to your rooms. If you are in need for more natural look, then cream vinyl flooring is the best choice you can make. Give your home a stylish look with a tasty combination of nice cream vinyl flooring and furniture in darker shade.

Grey Vinyl Flooring – For a light unfinished look, go with Grey vinyl flooring when redesigning your home. Grey vinyl flooring gives an impressive raw touch to your room, hardly found in other places. Thus if you want to make your home different than others, go with this warm, hard-wearing flooring solution. Make your home a brighter place to live in, thanks to the Grey vinyl flooring available on the market nowadays.

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