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Most Popular Pretend Toys For Kids

Pretend play is any kids game that requires children to think for themselves to create fun and most children participate in pretend play games using household items. For example, many kids use the TV remote as a cell phone, some use blankets and chairs and pretend to be a castle, and others use their mother’s scarves as a long hair and pretend to be singers or models.


In order to assist children in their pretend games, many companies have designed toys that are easy to integrate into the children’s pretend games. Regardless of the children age, the benefits of these social, educational and personal benefits of pretend play games are beyond comparison. One of the greatest benefits from these pretend toys are the development of language and social skills, the ability of self – control, problem solving skills, educational skills and the opportunity to bond.

Nowadays there are countless pretend play toys for all on the market and many household items that can be transformed into a magical pretend kids toys. Take a look at the following list of some of the most popular pretend toys between boys and girls.

Most popular pretend toys for boys – One of the most popular pretend toys for boys are action figures, dump tracks, fire engines, toolboxes, cars and trucks, police and soldiers, outdoor grill.

Most popular pretend toys for girls – The most popular pretend toys for girls are the designer dolls and dollhouses, pretend kitchens, baking set, dinner set, medical sets, barbeques, princess costumes and baby dolls.

Most popular pretend toys for both – The most popular pretend toys for all (both boys and girls) are the playhouses, pets, musical instruments, outdoor play games, puppets and outdoor playing sets.

As you can see pretend play toys are a great source of creativity and maturity for little children. So, why not develop these educational and social skills with the help of pretend play toys?!

The best way find pretend play toys for all is on the Internet. You just need to browse deeper and you will find at least five reliable kids online stores that offer high quality pretend toys for all.

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