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Must-Have Brushes for Your Makeup Bag

makeup brushes in a bag

If you are new to the makeup world, you may be confused about what you really need in your makeup kit and what you don’t. Apart from foundation, eye shadows, highlighter, concealer, etc, you will also need to stock up on makeup brushes. When it comes to makeup brushes online Australia retailers offer a wide range of them, which makes knowing which ones to choose a bit confusing. However, getting your brushes right is of extreme importance. The right makeup brushes will help you put the makeup together. If you use the wrong brush, even the best of the beauty products won’t be able to deliver the wow effect you want. Here is what you need to know about different kinds of makeup brushes and how they can help you achieve the makeup finish you want.

First Things First

When shopping for makeup brushes online Australia makeup experts recommend investing in high-quality brushes to help you achieve a flawless application. Aside from lasting you longer, quality brushes will also make it easier to replicate any look you desire. It is also a good idea to invest in gentle brush cleaners and shampoo to refresh your brushes bristles from time to time.

Foundation Brush

foundation brush

This brush is a must-have in your kit. It will help you apply the foundation uniformly on your skin. As you may already know, a smudgy foundation application can result in many problems and completely ruin your look. Get the best foundation brush your budget allows and ensure your makeup basics are taken care of.

Concealer Brush

concealer brush

The next brush to get for your makeup kit is the concealer brush. This brush has a pointed tip at the end of a wide base and is used to apply concealer under the eyes as well as over skin blemishes all over the face. In other words, a concealer brush is a useful makeup tool to address the delicate problems associated with applying makeup.

Contour Brush

eye contour brush

This is a brush which is narrow towards the tip to allow you to contour in a way that mimics the natural lines of your face. It comes with firm bristles and is slightly angulated towards the tip. Although some people use blush blushes for contouring, a contour brush allows for greater emphasis on the lines of the face.

Blusher Brush

blusher brush

Whether you are passionate about makeup or simply put it on as a necessity, you cannot do without a blusher. And to apply it you will need a blusher brush. This brush is in fact, the most commonly found in all makeup kits. It is also easily recognizable – a soft brush with a rounded head. More than simply pop some colour on your cheeks, this brush allows you to give a smooth and professional finish to your makeup, reason why it needs to be part of your makeup brush kit.

Highlighter Brush

Similar to blush brushes, a highlighter brush has a smaller size, which makes it easy to spread out a small amount of highlighter. You should tap this brush on areas of your face where you want to highlight to just emphasize those areas. Brushes with light bristles may be a better choice as they tend to end up spreading out the highlight more evenly.

Eye Shadow Brush

applying eye shadow

Your eyes not only speak a million words, but they also draw a lot of attention, so you need to dress them up all times. A good eye shadow brush will help this easier. Featuring a thin and soft head, an eye shadow brush allows you to smear the colour gently and uniformly in your eyelids.

Smudger Brush

woman using smudge brush

This is another popular brush found in the makeup kits of those who love brush eyeliners. The brush has a soft, foam end that allows you to smudge out the dark eyeliner, giving a smoky look and a super-stylish touch to your overall look.

Eyebrow Brush

eyebrow brush

It is a brush designed to apply eye shadow to the brows. It is slightly angulated, which makes it fairly easy to identify from other brushes for eyeshadows. The angulated shape makes it much easy to draw your eyebrows in whatever shape you want and it is also the right tool to use when you want your winged eyeliner to take flight.

Lid Brush

The flat bristles of this brush pick up a decent amount of the product you want to apply on your eyelid. Considering that the application of the eyeshadow is also over a small area, a degree of control may be necessary for proper application. Quality lid brushes also help minimize product falloff from the brush while you are applying the product.

Lip Brush

lipstick brush

Although not so popular, a lip brush is a handy makeup tool to have. Featuring a sharp, fine edge, this brush allows you to draws the lip lines smoothly. If you like some drama on your lips and enjoy a noticeable lip line beyond the lip colour, this brush will be highly useful for you.

Fan Powder Brush

inika fan brush

This brush has a wise, fan-like tip and is perfect to spread loose powder on the skin. It is also very helpful for sweeping off excess makeup, especially from the cheeks and the eyelids after the makeup is done. It is quite an affordable brush for the many benefits it offers. So, it may be worth to make this brush a staple part of your makeup kit.

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