Myths and Misconceptions About Medical Hypnosis

Medical Hypnosis

The success of the Oscar-winning Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind brought the global thirst for a method that can help erase unpleasant memories from a person’s mind. You know how a film love story goes, boy (Jim Carrey’s Joel) meets girl (Kate Winslet’s Clementine), they fall in love passionately, until the nasty breakup wreaks havoc. Thanks to technology, they heal breakup wounds by sweeping away the relationship connected emotions. This also goes for all sorts of memories causing emotional pain, however, for now it only remains in the realms of fantasy. There is one process though that can be applied when dealing with matters of the mind, to get the similar outcome, and this process is, of course, hypnosis.

We cannot expect miraculous disappearing of memories as in the film, but hypnosis as such can help reduce the intensity of a memory by replacing harsh negative feelings surrounding a specific memory with positive ones, allowing a pleasant view of the whole situation. In the long run this gives the patient comfortable feelings, resulting in freeing the conscious mind from stressing over it.

Because of widely spread exaggerated notions of hypnosis in the media, people often have misconceptions about it. There is this myth that just about anyone can be a hypnotist and perform tricks on someone’s mind. Although there is still lack of regulations regarding this kind of treatment, you have to look for certified specialists of hypnosis to get the healing you need. If losing control over your mind prevents you from choosing this treatment, worry not because despite the fallacy, even when hypnotised you still have power. The proof in favour of this is most patients remember the steps of the process even after it ends, so if your concern is giving out personal information you need not fret.

To oppose the typical belief that hypnosis brings you to a state of sleeping, your mind is delved in deeper and deeper to the subconscious levels so as to get to the stage of creating openness to suggestions. Simply said, you zone out. In the aspect of awakening the subconscious and focusing on oneself, hypnosis resembles meditation.

Hypnosis is achieved by repeating certain words or using a technique constructing mind images to enter the deep levels of your mind where important information lays hidden. You can do your own research and find certified experts in Australia so you will rest assured your hypnosis will be in safe hands. Anger, anxiety, depression, insomnia, all sorts of phobias, including quitting smoking and regulating weight are among the conditions which can be treated successfully. Hypnosis also helps reducing nausea and fatigue with patients receiving cancer therapy.

You have to have in mind, hypnosis does not clear problems on its own but rather paves the way for healing, and even after the treatments you have to be willing to consciously work on keeping the pace to overcome certain situations.

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